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  1. AtomicPunk's Avatar
    In a time of instant gratification, buy it now, want it now, it is important to stay in touch with the people and listen to what they want. It is good to see that you value this contact as much as we do (the field testers!)
  2. lenny's Avatar
    Yip Change ...for today it was restructuring with too many reps ....yip change...Time to find a new gig !!!...but like you BP i am taking the time to reflect, kick what needs to kicked and adjust what needs to be adjusted and also pat myself on the back ...but the bottom guy on the ladder is usually the first to go!
  3. Astrofreq's Avatar
    Awesome. Thanks
  4. baimun's Avatar
    Nice post. I'd like to add that besides information sharing across the globe, these new forms of communication have woven together social communities in ways that sociologists will probably teach entire courses on in 100 years.

    Like in the music communities, many of us were "outcasts", "misfits", or "rebels" who would search our communities for kindred spirits to form bands, and then try to find outlets for our music. Now a keyboardist from Seattle can record a song with a guitarist from Florida and a singer from England and have it immediately accessible for people across the entire globe to not only listen, but provide feedback right at the access point. Some people get drunk with anonymous power... while others have found kindred spirits that they otherwise may have never met within a 200 mile radius of their own home.

    It's an amazing conduit limited only by the collective human imagination. How it continues to grow and is shaped by (or in spite of) the world's various cultures is already, and will continue to be, breathtaking.
  5. ScoobySteve's Avatar
    Great read. Business the good old fashioned way. I can dig that.
  6. ZippoTragedy's Avatar
    amazing story, and thoughtfully recollected. "good on 'ya" for taking the high road! it's sometimes easier to find things to bitch about, so thanks for putting a lot of thought into creating a memorable story and sharing all of those wonderful memories...
  7. 1evh2nv's Avatar
    Thank you for the history.I found it to be very interesting and informative.
  8. John Denner's Avatar
    Thank you for the guitars!
    Looking forward to another 25 years!
  9. markbass99's Avatar
    Congrats on that 25 years BP- love what you're doing with the MM company. I'm closing in on 27 years with my company(U.S. Gov) and it is indeed very satisfying to look back at what you've done and where you're going- keep up the good work!
  10. koogie2k's Avatar
    Pops....thanks for your insight as usual. Love ya man!
  11. glockaxis's Avatar
    Thanks BP! I love your blogs. Thanks again for making awesome instruments and being a great, upstanding, human being! I was set on another Luke as my next purchase, but have to now try the 25th.
  12. Aussie Mark's Avatar
    BP, thanks for sharing some more history and thoughts.

    You know what, auctioning those NOS MM amps on eBay would raise some good fundage for the CLB Foundation. There are a lot of guitarists out there who like those amps, and I bet there would be a ton of interest if they were auctioned.
  13. Grand Wazoo's Avatar
    Well done Mr. Sterling Ball, I can assure you that your legacy speaks for itself in the words and in the following of all the members of your forum, notwidstanding your closer friends in the buisness, and family members, who already hold you as high as Leo Fender in their estimation of you, but the beauty is that you have achieved that accolade already in your lifetime, so... long may you live and continue to do what you enjoy, not for the fame and fortune but because whichever "entity from above" any of us believe in, has chosen you to do that. Again, well done.
  14. phat5's Avatar
    BP, thanks for another peak into the history of Music Man. I was a big fan of the 50 watt 1x12 combos ( sold a bunch of them at the Guitar Works in Santa Cruz). My friend Randall Waller (Shania Twain, Shedaisy, Keith Urban) and I toured together in '81. He was using an MM 2x10 65 watt combo live, and it sounded great! 2 days before our tour was to start, it stopped working....we were staying in Anaheim at the time, and brought it down to the factory. I was floored by the customer tech came out front, then 2 more, they showed great concern for the amp, and within the hour, had it fixed; NO CHARGE! Made me a little more proud of my '80 Stingray.
    Peace, Steve
  15. douglasspears's Avatar
    great read Sterling thanks! I actually just picked up a Music Man 212-HD 130 a few weeks ago,,,,had wanted one for 15 years, ever since I heard a college bar band play one, that tone just never left me.

    Interesting back story behind the Clapton picture too! I always wondered what that situation was, I always thought that Clapton doesn't look like he was ready for a picture that was going to become an ad campaign, haha!

    I should ad, I've had an EVH for 13 years and have played the heck out of it, love it! I just added a Rosewood Axis SS to compliment it just a few days ago. Very excited about that!
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