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  1. Advertising Marketing ...'Marketising"

    In the old days....(about a decade ago...ok maybe two) a manufacturer did print ads, point of purchase material, artist endorsements and if you were progressive like my father you came out with a t shirt....(1971...the first promotional clothing in our industry) to market their product. There was no line or distinction between marketing and advertising. It was all the same. The last ingredient of your 'marketising' was that you left it to your dealer to tell your story.

    They got ...
  2. Defining Moments....

    OK....I'm really happy. Giddy.
    The economy sucks. Trying to make something in America that is a little different and costs more...(duh)

    The existing business model doesn't work......Can't fixit or get anyone to listen. Everybody wants to use new technology and content but they refuse to think about the real ways to make it work and more global and accessible. Everybody wants to control the inventory.....Thats another blog. My fingers hurt from trying to defend the old school ...
  3. Interaction and change......

    Remember I warned you that I'm sort of a slug on the blogging side. I still find it kind of pompous...Hey read me!....

    But it is good for me to sit down and try to organize whats banging around in my coconut besides that voices I hear and the hamster running on the rusty wheel! Ok, Im not going to organize...its going to be stream of thought before the first cup of joe.
    Technology has become the new crack cocaine that wears a Nehru Jacket...We pridogy'ed, AOL'ed, My Spaced, ...
  4. 25 Years.....Wow.

    Ok so here we are at 2009 and it's the the 25th Anniversary of Ernie Ball and Music Man.
    I guess in relationships Anniversaries can be pressure or for someone else. In business it really gives you an opportunity to step back and pat yourself on the back, kick yourself in the shins, second guess yourself, and then give yourself carpel tunnel from patting your self on the back again just because you are still here.....Kind of like being in a marathon. Only you dont have to run.
  5. Visual Voicemail on Blackberries

    Last night I discovered a service called YouMail

    I don't know if the new Bold's or Storm's have visual voicemail or not, so this might not apply to those. Those of you with iPhones have definitely been privileged.

    In conjuction with a third party app you can manage your YouMail vmail without the need of the browser on a blackberry.

    The app is called VyMail.
    It will show who the voicemail is from, how long, play it, and ...

    Updated 03-24-2009 at 12:55 PM by Chewie

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