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  1. I guess I have to talk about EVH….

    This is a edited message that I responded to on our forum about the old 5150 guitar strings.

    It is an example of you never know when you take a little creative initiative where it can take you.

    5150 strings are what put EVH and I together….

    For years the legend was that he only used Fender strings that had been boiled. We had dealings with Rudy Leiren EVH’s high school buddy/longtime tech on other stuff but they kind of kept a lot of the mystery of ...
  2. OK, So I’m a slug at Blogging…Where was I?

    I was twenty two……but I want to be 17 again. It’s a blog….I get to. I want to talk about Albert Lee.

    The Ball Family was always surrounded by music;. Family get togethers were everyone playing or singing something. If we weren’t doing that we were listening. Everything from Western Swing to Summer of Love Rock and all in between From Bob Wills through Lenny Breau all the way to Cream and beyond. We were always the ones that baffled record store clerks…..(That is like talking ...
  3. How to use RSS and FeedBurner to promote your WordPress blog

    phatduckk turned me on to feedburner, so he deserves some of the credit here.

    Anyway if you don't know what RSS is stands for Really Simple Sindication. What does that mean? I don't think I'm the one to try to translate that in to layman terms. It is really cool and handy.

    Feedburner takes an RSS feed and helps promote it to a wider audience, basically giving some free exposure. One of the nicer features of the Feedburner feed in addition to using their bandwidth to syndicate ...

    Updated 06-27-2008 at 02:36 PM by Chewie

  4. Firebug + YSlow + YSlow vbulletin plug-in = faster forums

    I recently discovered a addon for vbulletin that should speed things up a bit.
    YSLOW 1.0.3 (Make Your Forum Faster) - Forum

    To see what the plug-in does exactly one needs two firefox extensions.

    Firebug has been a handy Firefox extension for web developers for some time now.

    Just discovered YSlow which is addon for the Firebug extension.

    YSlow lists performance issues that can plague a website and pages and gives advice on ...
    Apache , Php
  5. I've been everywhere, Man.....

    Ok, where was I? Tokyo, Fort Worth, San Luis Obispo and back to the California Desert. Oh, Yeah history...

    The great thing about those times is that the lines were blurred. I was helping Leo, beta-testing amps for Tommy, getting them artists. I remember Tommy askng my Dad if he could hire me. My Dad said it was my choice. Talk about conflicted. I could be on the ground floor with my godfather and Leo Fender or I could stay in the family business. I chose Ernie Ball. I really ...
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