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Thread: Spuds first official gig

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    Spuds first official gig

    I would just like to announce the first official gig of Spud and his band, LOW PROFILE. His first with a band and his many Albert's. It's at the Claude in Cardiff, Wales, UK, tomorrow night. Starts at 9 pm. All are welcome... Best of luck Spud - rock on...
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    have a great time Spud
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    Awesome!! Man I would definitely be there Spud if you weren't so dang far away!

    What kind of song list you guys doing??

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    Ha - nice one OlP thanks for that.

    Just a brief history :-

    I'd played for many years in a local Blues Band - loved it at the time but was determined that I wanted to do something different.
    I met up with guys I'd played with 20+ years ago and we decided to reform the band under the original name. 20+ years ago the other guitarist used to write a lot of original material that we used to slip into the set of covers and as we find our feet I'd like to resurrect some his songs as they still hold good today.

    there are some numbers we play that makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck for several reasons:-
    3 of us sing and we have some nice harmonies going
    The bass player has rediscovered his sound after going back to his (looks like a cupboard) Acoustic bass amp using a fretless - sounds great
    Some of the numbers (yeah we have fillers that we have to play and don't excite me!) REALLY excite me Times like these (Foo Fighters) where we combine the acoustic and electric versions - thanks Piezo and EB 6165 pedal-you make my life so much easier. Drummer has to remember the transition from 7/8 to 4/4 but he's got it now. Heros by Bowie - that number just builds and builds, Dakota by my fellow Welshman Stereophonics, by the end of this song I'll be looking up to see if the roof is still there - a very underated number. We do Some Who numbers - Behind Blue Eyes (thanks again Piezo!)WGFA some CSNY, Killers,Ry Cooder some Motown - a bit of everything really!

    We've tested the waters over the last couple of months via electric and acoustic Jam nights/private parties and the reaction has been great - but still I'm being asked to play the Blues!! People have long memories and I don't want to go back to that.

    We've known each other for years and we know how far we can push each other - so although it's Low Profile's first gig - let's just say we've had a break (of +20 years).

    Nice one guys - I wish you were able to come but coincidentally "The Devil" is demoing tonight right across the road from the venue so he may turn up.

    Yeah I'll have the 2 Als with me my BCB (I guess that I have to call it #1) and my Hardtail Al for alternate tunings.
    I'll be running my Mesa/AER via the 6165 and some FX (was loathe to use them) Vibe, Wah. compressor and overdrive.

    So great to be back treading the boards (properly) ... I am soooooooooo looking forward to it. Guess there will be about 300 people there.
    ...Olp has agrred to help me with set up - cheers ol mate !

    7 hours to go.
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    Excellent Spud, sounds like a great time, enjoy man!!!!

    Never played in a band, remember, I stink.

    Glenn |B)
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    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!! @ 6:00"

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    Have fun and hope you're a big hit!
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    Kill it Spud!

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    Hee hee - nice gig last night. I set up before the PA crew arrived (sad to say we weren't using our PA which would have slaughtered the house PA) and dived across the road to meet up with the Devil who was demoing. He saw me and announced to the (large) crowd that Spud was in. Shame that I couldn't meet up with him later. He was playing his Y2D Morse through a whole array of Blackstar suff and sounded great - I would break his fingers but he's bigger and faster than me!!

    Mr & Mrs OlPlayer were there and unveiled a surprise - the daughter of a friend of theirs is an Art student who had designed a Low Profile T shirt and they were both wearing them - the T shirts looked awesome!!

    So the gig? it's been a long time since I had played to such a large audience and no amount of rehearsal can take the place of using your gear in a live venue. The Mesa was turned up quite a way as the sound was being "sucked up" - I was prolly a bit too loud at times - but hey I'm a guitarist. When I have played over the last couple of years in Jam sessions and parties-I always get compliments about the Piezo tone and last night was no exception! I am sooooooooooo happy with the Piezo going to the AER via the 6165 pedal. I can control the piezo effortlessly and a thouroughly recommend these pedals. Yeah there were a few minor glitches but in all the gig went very well. Nice to see faces that I hadn't seen for years as news got out that the band had reformed after 25 years. Infact my first words on the mike were ..... we're Low Profile and this gig is the first one after a small break ... 25 years!!

    There may be a few video clips - we'll see.
    Black Cherry Burst Albert Lee , SSS,Trem & Piezo 2005
    Black LE Albert Lee MM90,Trem 2006 with solid 9k gold knobs;Mesa F50 Combo; Original (owned from new)Marshall 25/50 Silver Jubilee signed by Jim;AER 60 ;WEM Clubman 5W;Musicman RP 65 112;Musicman RD 50 112:

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    glad it went well!

    What's an AER?

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    Quote Originally Posted by douglasspears View Post
    glad it went well!

    What's an AER?
    The AER is a pricey piece of kit - it's a dedicated acoustic amp thet really brings out the full capabilities of the Piezo.

    For more info go here:-
    AER The Acoustic People - Home
    Black Cherry Burst Albert Lee , SSS,Trem & Piezo 2005
    Black LE Albert Lee MM90,Trem 2006 with solid 9k gold knobs;Mesa F50 Combo; Original (owned from new)Marshall 25/50 Silver Jubilee signed by Jim;AER 60 ;WEM Clubman 5W;Musicman RP 65 112;Musicman RD 50 112:

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    Go SPUD!
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    Awesome! Nice work, Spud - nothing like playing live.

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    Never have there been so many zimmer frames on one stage!!!

    Nice one Spud, get out there and kick it!
    "this place would be a paradise tomorrow, if every department had a supervisor with a sub-machine gun"

    Monkey Likey

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    Rock it Spud. So what if Sharif don't like it.

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    Way to go Spud. Nice posts too. Love to hear gig stories.
    The world needs more Balls!
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