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    Anyone watch last nights fight khan vs Garcia? I was totally not expecting Khan to lose the fight. Garcia rocked um in the third round! Khan was done. Idk but it was a wild punch and thats what im calling it cause i really know Khan is a great fighter just very unlucky. Garcia needs to take a deep breath cause he just beat an elite fighter. as for Mr Roach what is going on with wild card fighters? thats two loses back to back champs. whats in store for the future a Garcia vs Bradley ????? dec??

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    I call that one loss and one total robbery! There is no way that you could even think Manny lost that fight. Khan was getting his legs back underneath him at about 1:59 of the 4th and should of used his jab to just stick and move and gave up the round but he decided to go back in and trade power shots, which was a big mistake on his part. I think the outcome would of been the same in that round but I felt it was stopped a bit early.

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