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Thread: New Theme Option

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    I like it very much, except that it has too many different colors for my taste.. other than that it's an improvement. I also would adjust the page numbers for every thread in the overview to the new look by removing the border.
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    Why? Just to have something different? I guess so.

    I think the current theme is very classy, I like it.

    Hopefully there's a skin option to kill that loud lime green (looks like an Ibanez forum).

    Sorry... I think you can do better!

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    Oct 2018
    looks good, but make sure it's readable by color-blind peoples!
    might be some confusing colors

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    Feb 2016
    It looks more modern which is definitely nice but......everything is huge. On a 2560x1440 resolution monitor the stickies fill the page in the guitars forum.

    It would be great if the header could be made smaller to accommodate the additional space everything else is taking up.

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    Put me down for some of that! It brings the forum look band up to date.
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