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Thread: Tapatalk app for forum

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    Tapatalk app for forum

    Wasnt sure where to ask this but is anyone else using the Tapatalk mobile app to interact with the forum and, if so, do you have any idea why it puts code in every time I try to use certain punctuation (like apostrophe or quotation marks)?

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    Not certain about the architecture of the app (not a user) but sounds like they’re escaping characters that are problematic in database queries. That’s not typically done in a way that’s visible to users, but it’s a common practice.
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    Use it all the time!

    I hadn't noticed it, but sure enough it does that.

    Wish we had a better forum app, have been struggling with tapatalk for several years now.
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    The forum looks great on my iphone since the new facelift. I haven't used tapatalk since.

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