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Thread: Stereo to mono with VP6165?

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    Stereo to mono with VP6165?

    I have a stereo ES-345 and am looking for a way to easily use it as a mono instrument without "de-vintaging" it. Will the 6165 work for this if I plug a TRS cable from the 345 into input B and use output A to feed my signal chain?

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    Hi GvDub and welcome to the forum. I use a 6165 pedal and have a thread on it here.
    6165 Stereo Pan pedal -all options are listed here

    Check it out to see if it answers your query?


    (vDub huh! - any reference to the good ol' KdF wagon (beetle) - missing my '54 Oval)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudmurphy View Post
    (vDub huh! - any reference to the good ol' KdF wagon (beetle) - missing my '54 Oval)
    Actually, it's shorthand for my initials, GVW. But, having those initials, I grew up with a lot of VW jokes. Hope the rumors that they're bringing back the Vanagon as an electric vehicle are true.

    Thanks. Looks like it may do the job, though I may have to do some playing with the phase as the stereo Varitone on the ES-345 puts the pickups out of phase with each other. Have to see if I can get my hands on one to check before making a purchase.

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