I've used the Ernie Ball volume pedals for years, my first is old enough that it has the 'taper' pot on the side, and only more recently have gone to the jr series. I use a 205k pot, and since I do use it as an expression pedal, I probably put more "miles" on it than some players. About a year ago, I broke my first string, replaced it (you all know how fun that is) and now I'm into my second string. Not sure why it lasted so relatively short time, but this is where I am now.
Has anyone come up with a more durable/reliable substitute? I learned the hard way to always have a spare, but I'd be willing to pay a little for something that didn't break.
These pedals are my favorite for throw, taper, size and weight, and since I use it after a buffer, I'm happy with the tone, etc. But the string thing ...
Any thoughts?