Hallo! Great to be here ... first post ...

Ancient Volume Pedal, very simple, I just updated the string/spring/pot on my old Ernie Ball Volume Pedal ... I still have the originals, which are in pretty great condition on the outside.

Aluminum body, pot to adjust volume width throw, 1 goes in ... 1 comes out ... !

Is there a model designation for this unit?

Here is a link to a Reverb.com item ... not mine, and I have no interest in this listing, but the pics are like mine ... mine has a fine-ribbed knob that totally seems original, instead of the wide-flange knob shown in the Reverb listing.

I've had it for, like, 25 years or something. Just wondering what it is, after all of that.

Sorry about the Reverb link ... the pictures are the same, except for the knob.

I appreciate any info about this version of the pedal. Thanks!

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