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Thread: 40th anniversary Ernie Ball VP - is the taper/sweep ok after buffer?

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    40th anniversary Ernie Ball VP - is the taper/sweep ok after buffer?

    Just looking for some additional info on this pedal please.

    I play guitars with passive pickups and run my volume pedal after an always-on buffer. Can anyone help with these questions:

    1. I've read that this VP is designed to work well after passive or active signals, which makes it sound as though it’ll be fine after a buffer, but what is the basis for this statement? I've read that the potentiometer value choice makes a big difference and that you should select the relevant value for your application (25k for active, 250k for passive) - this being so, how does the design of the 40th anniversary ensure good functionality after either passive or active signals?

    2. What is the the potentiometer value in the 40th Anniversary VP?

    3. Does anyone have any experience of running it after a buffer/always on pedal and if so, is the taper/sweep still smooth/good? Does the taper/sweep change if placed after a buffer compared with the guitar going straight into the VP?

    Thanks very much!
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    Would love an answer to this question, too!

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