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Thread: My VPJR Mono #6180 volume pedal

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    My VPJR Mono #6180 volume pedal

    I play a steel guitar and just bought the vpjr 6180 volume pedal and I donít get any sound from it until my foot is basically in full toe position. I need it to gradually build volume but instead itís like an on and a off. There is a tiny switch right under the pedal that moves left and right and Iíve tried flipping it also but nothing changes. What am I doing wrong or is there an adjustment needed or is my pedal defective? Iíve heard nothing but GOOD things about Ernie Ball so Iím hoping that this is just a user error but not to much can go wrong with a input and output jack also a tuner jack? Can someone help?

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    Have you contacted Ernie Ball support? This forum really a community resource, and doesn't serve as official customer support. Also, most of the traffic here is about guitars and basses, rather than the pedals and accessories, so I would suggest calling the company and asking for the customer service team. They can help you sort out what's going on with your pedal. Contact info is here.
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