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Thread: Key needed for 5983 case

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    Key needed for 5983 case

    I'll be purchasing an EBMM 5983 case for my Sterling AX40.. Unfortunately it's coming without keys (but new and $100 cheaper).

    From reading here I gather all the keys are the same...does anyone have one or know where to find one?

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    Well since nobody responded to this I did a little digging and I believe I've found the key online..comes back to part number skb HC-02K. Found on eBay for $7.

    Here's the link to the skb key

    If anyone can visually confirm that this is the correct key it would be a big help.

    Would've been nice to have a response to my email from Ernie Ball staff...oh well.
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    Hard to know. G&G could answer that, as could MM. Maybe call or email them? You'd get a quicker response that posting in the forum. (Link in my signature.)

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    I emailed staff straight from here and no response.


    I received an email from SKB (I contacted them since I didn't hear from EB) and it seems they're just gonna send me a key. They asked for a few pictures and my address. I think this one is solved.
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    Wow. Two thumbs up for SKB!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Key needed for 5983 case-sreenshot-1-jpg  

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    Wow! Nice work SKB.

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