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Thread: Ambient Delay - Tap Tempo footswitch not working

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    Ambient Delay - Tap Tempo footswitch not working

    Hi everyone,

    I can't get the tap tempo working. I have tested 3 different standard normally-open momentary footswitches and some mono cables. If I tap the tempo the padal does eigher not react at all, react with a wrong tempo, change to the tapped tempo and after a second return to the wrong tempo. The beaviour is very erratically and not really reproduceable. I tested the footswitches with other devices and measured them with a multimeter, no problem at all.

    Could it be that the pedal does only work with the original Ernie Ball Tap Tempo Footswitch (which I do not have at the moment)?


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    Hi Gary, and welcome to the forum! Most of the message traffic here is about guitars and basses. Somebody may come along with experience to contribute to your situation, but I expect you will get help sooner in your case by contacting Ernie Ball support here. (The forum is not an official support channel, though staff do participate some.)

    Good luck!
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    EB tap tempo pedal is just a normally-open momentary switch, like many others on the market. Which delay are you using? And which cables?
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    I do have the Ernie Ball Ambient Delay, a BOSS FS-6 footswitch, two DIY footswitches which meet the specifications (normally-open momentary switch) and a lot of different mono instrument cables. I tested and measured a lot, everything works in any combinaton except the Ambient Delay with my external tap tempo switches. So I assume my (new) AD is faulty.
    Thanks Gary

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    Oh, sorry. I didn't understand that you were referring to the EB delay pedal specifically. I thought that you were asking a question related to the EB tap tempo switch.
    I never played that delay pedal but according to the manual what you need is a normally-open momentary switch and a mono cable. Most tap tempo pedals are normally-open, in my experience. I don't know why it doesn't work.
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    Give EB a call - they should be able to help you pretty quickly.

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    Daniel is offline Ernie Ball, Inc. Ernie Ball Customer Service

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    Hi Gery,
    Please shoot us an email at customerexperience@ernieball.com, and we'll help you out.

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    Thank you all. I received an email from "customerservice@ernieball.com" that I should contact the local Distributor in Germany. Meanwhile my dealer Thomann offered me a replacement pedal.

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