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Thread: John Petrucci/John Myung - full photos - EBMM factory tour!

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    Talking John Petrucci/John Myung - full photos - EBMM factory tour!

    Here they are, images from the Ernie Ball/Music Man factory tour with
    John Petrucci and John Myung. Both of them were very down to Earth
    and super friendly. It was a pleasure taking their photos!

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    Namu Williams
    Graphic Designer/Photographer
    Ernie Ball/Music Man

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    Cool pics, Thanks for sharing.............

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    Those pics are awesome. It looks like JM is very happy with the Bongo 6. I can't wait to hear it live on August 24th. Thanks for sharing those pics.


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    Great pics Namu. Love the monochrome, really adds to a reportage feel.
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    Great pics :-)......so ermmmm..........what the fudge was JP playing with the green finished neck?
    Carlsberg don't make guitars. But if they did they would probably...........not be as good as a musicman!!

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    I'm sure myung told them the neck wasn't wide enough hahaha... jeez!

    glad to see them both with MM.

    Now just get Mike playing MM drums and Labrie using MM Microphones and we're set!!

    Jordan already helps EVERYONE design the new keyboards...

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    Damn I love this place! The pictures are great Namu! I envy your skills

    Thanks for sharing!
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    It's my pleasure, seriously.

    But I'm just the guy behind the camera, thank BP and Derek for making the visit
    happen, the engineers for making such a good instrument and JP and JM for being
    such good sports about having their photos taken! lol
    Namu Williams
    Graphic Designer/Photographer
    Ernie Ball/Music Man

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    Amazing shots!

    ...now to seriously do some shedding on my 6 in prep for the attack of the Bongo 6 in Jan(i hope)!!
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    Great! Thanks alot!

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    The black and white of JM playing the Bongo, looking up the fretboard from the bridge....ART!!!! Great shot!!!

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    Thanks for the pics, folk @ EB. Great pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by puppyonacid View Post
    Great pics :-)......so ermmmm..........what the fudge was JP playing with the green finished neck?
    Its a Dargie Delight BFR JP

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    Y2D (D-Purpleburst)
    JPX (Black Sugar)
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    LIII (Olive Gold)

    Proud member of the ALOC and SMOC

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    i love seeing the behind the scenes stuff like this and those older john petrucci prototype videos/steve morse y2d videos - thank you ernie ball for letting us see this stuff. i think i speak for everyone when i say i hope we get to see a whole lot more of this stuff in the future. thanks again!
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    Single H Bongo 6....

    141-DD-76-01 Bongo
    111-L5-5M-01 SR

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