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Thread: Stingray Pickup Height!!

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    Stingray Pickup Height!!

    I bought a second hand stingrayray, 3way eq, piezo... and im pretty sure the last owner modified it to suit him.
    the magnetic pickups are significanty low on the E string compared to the G string. would it make a ignificatn contribution to the volume of the bass if it was raised???

    Just wondering what you guys have done as to modifying the pickup heights???

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    While depressing the E string at the last fret, measure the distance from the bottom of that string to the top of the pickup magnet for that string. Adjust for a distance of 4/32 inches. Do the same with the G string but, this time, aim for a distance of 3/32 inches. Final adjustment may have to be made to the G side by ear, so that the volume is even across all strings.


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