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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Hello. Can you help with wood, color and DOB, please?
    s/n 51394 (Music Man Stingray 5)
    s/n 51329 (Music Man Stingray 5)
    s/n 52296 (Music Man Stingray 5)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Padraig View Post
    Hello. Can you help with wood, color and DOB, please?
    s/n 51394 (Music Man Stingray 5)
    s/n 51329 (Music Man Stingray 5)
    s/n 52296 (Music Man Stingray 5)

    s/n 51394 Built: 09/20/89 Trans Red-Alder
    s/n 51329 Built: 02/06/92 Black-Poplar
    s/n 52296 Built: 03/22/91 Blue Burst-Poplar

    These were the woods most commonly used for these finishes, this was dependent upon which wood was available from our vendors at the time.
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    Hi I have actually a MusicMan Stingray 4 serial number E19388 and a would change it with a MusicMan Stingray 5 E22103.
    Can I have your database iformation about that?

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    Hi. Could you help with all info on SR fretless 5 ser: 56885

    Date, body wood, fretboard etc.

    Many thanks :-)

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    Captain America Bass - Serial Number EO4189 - Translucent Red SR4
    2011 HH Stingray Slo Special White
    2001 Stingray Customized "Captain America" Translucent Red
    1988 Stingray White

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    I bought a used Stringray HH at Guitar Center Falls Church VA, It has an Ebony finger board, is fretted and strings through the back, I was wondering if it was built this way or if previous owner had it done, the serial number is E73339, THANK YOU.

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    Birthdate wanted for Stringray 5 Classic, serial number B056453. Thank you!

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    Stingray Bass Slo Special

    So I stumbled across a "scratch and dent" special at the local GC on a Hot Rod Red SR4 Slo. I haven't been able to find much but I think this is a standard SR4 body with a Sterling neck. It has a single humbucker, 3-way EQ and volume, with a rosewood finger-board and it plays sweet! Can't find a scratch or dent.

    For the record, the S/N is E72467. Any other info that can be provide will be greatly appreciated.

    Glad to be in the family!

    Music Man Serial  Number Database-20120526_124654-jpgMusic Man Serial  Number Database-20120526_124724-jpg

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    I'd like to know the birth date for my candy red Bongo 4H s/n F07933.

    Bongo 4Hp, Candy Red, 2012... Thanks JayDawg
    Bongo 4H, Black, 2012, Lightweight 7 lb 15 oz

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    I need to know about my bass. I play musicman.
    My serail no. is E73155. Was date it completed,colour and where it was originally bought from.
    Thank you.

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    Birth Of My Stingrays

    Got two Stingrays
    the first got the serial E59439, colour is saphir black
    the second got the serial E02435, colur is sunburst. Maybe the Pickup is not the stockpickup, because the Polepices got all the same height.

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    I have a Stingray 4. Serial# from bridge 35051. All available info would be awesome, born on date, actual color, original sale location etc etc...



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    Bought my favorite combination of all time, Black and Maple SR5 yesterday at GC. SN: E85539

    I think it didn't hang on the wall long because the strings look like they were strung at the factory and still had plenty of zing.

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    Hi, Can you help me with wood, color and DOB, please?

    51297 s/n (Music Man Stingray 5)


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    Just picked up a used Black Fretless Stingray 5. Serial Number is E62211. Could you help me with DOB and wood? Thanks!

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