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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aoliabe View Post
    Jacob, Jacob, Could you tell me the color of the body and what the body wood and wood scale? thank you. Its E27550.
    E27550 - DOB: 12/20/01, Sunburst finish, ashwood body.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luca Cirillo View Post
    Hi my Name is Luca and I'm form Italy, new of the forum.

    I've just bought a MM Stingray 5 black. serial: E71766.
    which is the DOB? how can i know if the pickup is in alnico or not?

    thank u!
    Luca, welcome to the forum!
    E71766 - DOB: 07/17/09, Alnico magnets. Ceramic pickups on MM basses will have shiny, chrome-looking pole-pieces as oppose to the dull surface on the Alnico pole pieces.

    Quote Originally Posted by spa1969 View Post

    Digging the MM SR here in the UK. Can you let me know year and other info on my bass please - E44750

    spa1969, welcome to the forum!
    E44750 - DOB: 11/30/04, Trans Teal SR4-H, ashwood body, black pickguard, maple neck/ rosewood fretboard. Shipped to Strings & Things

    Quote Originally Posted by suatie View Post
    Hi, I just got my second Stingray, a blue fretless, serial #E87779, please let me know its DOB.

    E87779 - DOB: 06/12/12

    Quote Originally Posted by Aoliabe View Post
    Would you please check a sn?

    Its E77745. Thank you
    E77745 - DOB: 12/23/10

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulkeeper View Post
    F11002: Any info appreciated. Since you have the database at your fingertips, maybe it's also possible to find out how many Radiance Red Bongo 5 HH basses that were made in this limited edition run? Anyway, thanks in advance.
    F11002 - DOB: 05/04/04, Bongo 5-HH, basswood body, maple neck/ Pau Ferro fretboard. Shipped to EM Nordic, AB. We're not allowed to release production numbers, sorry!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dougal Stephen View Post
    E61880 Please (Black stingray 3-EQ previous owner said purchased from Bass Central FL)
    Dougal, welcome to the forum!
    E61880 - DOB: 09/21/07

    Quote Originally Posted by bootwizard View Post
    Hello folks , just bought a new Bongo 4H last week , I presume because all the new models have also a neck pickup ,
    and I got it at a fair price (€ 1400 ) , it was probably hanging in the store for some time.
    Would like to know the DOB , serial no : F 10847
    Thanx in advance.
    bootwizard, welcome to the forum!
    F10847 - DOB: 10/14/04. Bongo 4-H's are still in production and have been since the model was introduced.

    Quote Originally Posted by babathula View Post
    Could you help me with a DOB for my Stingray 5 Fretless No E46161, please.
    babalutha, welcome to the forum!
    E46161 - DOB: 12/28/05

    Quote Originally Posted by Zealot View Post
    Hi - any info on my Stingray 4 would be great (DOB, materials, etc). Thanks!

    Serial Number: E49616
    Zealot, welcome to the forum!
    E49616 - DOB: 01/03/06, Sapphire Black SR4-HH, ashwood body, Moonstone pickguard, maple neck/ rosewood fretboard. Shipped to Guitar Center Distribution.

    Quote Originally Posted by REME7178 View Post
    Could you please help me with any info on my two EBMM's? (DOB, Color, Pickups & electronics) Thank you in advance.

    EBMM 4 string StingRay SN# E38105

    EBMM 4 string Sterling SN#F15823
    REME, welcome to the forum!
    E38105 - DOB: 09/11/03, Desert Gold SR4-H, Alnico humbucker.
    F15823 - DOB: 01/09/07, Blue Pearl STL 4-H, Ceramic humbucker with phantom coil.

    Quote Originally Posted by musicmaker View Post
    musicman stingray sn E23107
    musicmaker, welcome to the forum!
    E23107 - DOB: 04/27/01

    Quote Originally Posted by drew1960 View Post
    I have a trans-red Stingray and am trying to work out the build year. Serial number is E58632
    I reckon its around 2007. Any help appreciated. Cheers
    Drew, welcome to the forum!
    E58632 - DOB: 03/23/07

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    What's DOB serial # E42474 ( SR5 HH LE ) ... Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by five7 View Post
    sterling 5 F21956
    What year for my sterling 5, thanks!

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    Hi, my name is Ken and I have a Silhouette Special with the serial number of G33745. When was it born please????


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    Howdy folks!

    Got me a used StingRay few months back (best bass i've ever owned!), would be cool to know when it was made!

    Serial #: E30992

    Looking forward to hearing back!

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    I'm looking to buy a nice buttercream 2005 edition Stingray SR4-H

    Serial E48442

    Could you please give me its date of birth?
    Thanks very much in advance fo your time and for your help!

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    Excuse me, my name is Leonardo and my english is very bad..
    I have a Stingray 5 with serial number: E64296
    I would like to know the specifics and find out if the pickup is alnico or ceramic
    Thank you infinitely for the courtesy

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    Hi, Lorenz here.
    Proud owner of a SR4 bought 4/1/2007.
    It's sunburst, black pick guard and RW neck.
    Would like to know DOB and electronic specifics if possible. Serial is: E52335
    Thanks so much

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    I have a Sterling Music Mann Bass, serial b03435, dob: 07-05-96

    I'd like to know the specific model, wood and official colour, if possible.

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    please date: B002791, tobacco sunburst
    I'm guessing 1977, but it would be nice to know for sure
    Please Thank You

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    I have a sunburst fretless Stingray 5 serial 53883 on the bridge.
    Please can I have info on the bass (date, wood, pickup type etc)?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Could you please help me with any info on my two EBMM's? (DOB, Color, Pickups & electronics) Thank you in advance.

    EBMM 4 string StingRay SN# E38105

    EBMM 4 string Sterling SN#F15823

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    My MB Stingray 5 s/n is: E40902

    (thanks for doing this, btw. it's a very cool service!)

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    I just bought a second hand Sterling serial is B051431
    Could you give me DOB and any information about this bass.


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    Great service!

    I would love some information about the bass with serial: "D 07179"

    Thanks a bunch

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