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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    My bad

    It should be F25849

    If you could get me the color and pickguard shipped as well as DOB, that would be awesome! Thanks

    F25489 - DOB: 06/17/09, this comes up as a trans red STL-4- Please check again and re-post.
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    Hello, I'm looking at a Musicman Sterling bass with the serial number F06841. I'm very interested in finding the DOB.

    Thanks in advance

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    Looking at a few basses from guitar center. Very interested in knowing their years, and for the SR5s if they have alnico or ceramic magnets:

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    Just bought my first bass a few days ago. She's quite a beauty. Can you tell me when she was born?

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    Sr5: E61932

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    Have just purchased an awesome Musicman Stingray anyone know the DOB? Serial number E28056.
    Thanx a lot!!

    Cheers Jane

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    Stingray 4

    S/N- E89783

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    I just purchased a used Ernie Ball Music Man bass from a local guitar shop. I have been told the color is called "Oatmeal".

    The serial number at the bridge is 53166. It doesn't have a letter in front of the 5. It seems like most of the basses on here do have a letter in front of it.



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    Can you get me a birthday for an SR5 #E05735?

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    Stingray 4

    S/N# E13569

    Black finish, Black Scratch Plate, Maple on Maple Neck

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    Year and info about my stingray 4

    E 77314

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    Hi - please date MM sterling 5hs serial - F42004


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    Can you date my StingRay, please? S/N E60486.
    Thank you.

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    [QUOTE=jacob.rocha;915043]Punk-fun, welcome to the forum!
    F41067 - DOB: 04/20/12

    It's nice to be here! Looks like my new bass has borned in weed day! Wonderful for improvisation/

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    Searching for information regarding Serial Number: E38228


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