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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Hello. I'm about to buy a StingRay 5. The Serial Number is E38533.

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    Just got a used Music Man in Boston, SN E76863.

    Any chance you can tell me the provenance?



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    I'm curious about the Bongo 5 HH I just bought. SN F14942
    Thank you to whoever looks this up!

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    Thanks Joel! much appreciated.

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    dob and info on sn BO50105

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    Hello again!

    I have already asked for details about my two Stingrays with serial numbers E77134 and E91470. Can you maybe tell me how many pieces did you make in that limited edition? Thank you!


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    Just bought a used Stingray5 Serial #E39126. Can you date it for me, Thanks.

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    Would love to know more about my guitar! The serial number is 81613. Thanks in advance!

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    Recently purchased a MusicMan SLO S.U.B and now curious about it's birth date. Serial number is X09351. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi. Musicman Sterling 4 HH slo, serial number E86538.
    Date of birth?

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    Hi there!! I recently got an older (I think) EB MM Stingray sunburst finish, with an incredibly beautiful birds-eye maple neck. The numbers stamped on the bridge are 52038. I'd appreciate as much info as possible!! Plus, there are a few parts that need replacing (tuner and pots) which I'd love to find a source for. Thanks!!

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    Hi, could I get a date of birth for stingray 49956. Also, do you know if the pickup is ceramic or alnico.

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    Could I get a date for SUB 5 serial number X06959


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    Hi, please give me all the available details on serial number E10964. Thanks!

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    Hello! I ask you to help determine the year of release and the body tree. A ceramic pickup or an alnico? Serial number 48246. Thank you!

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