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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Stringray 5 serial number

    My Blueburst Stingray 5 has a serial number 50036. Could you tell me what year it is? The pots date it around 85. Is it true that it's the 36th one made?



    Quote Originally Posted by Derek View Post
    This thread is a resource you can use to find the production date of your bass.

    Post your serial number and we'll get back to your shortly with the "date of birth" (DOB) for your instrument.

    This thread is also a good place to have your serial number on record in case it's needed in the future for insurance purposes, etc.

    **Please note: We do not have any serial numbers for the Pre-Ernie Ball Music Man instruments in our database. You can check this site for more info on the early Music Man instruments (This site is not run by the Ernie Ball company):

    If you have any other questions regarding your instrument, please email Music Man Customer Service at:

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    Hello hello, my newest addition e58923

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    I have a left handed Silhouette Special, bought in Guitar Centre San Jose back in ‘99. Can I have DOB and shipping info, please? Interested to know what its history is.

    Serial no: L99289

    UPDATED: Oops, I've just realized I've posted this in the Basses forum rather than the Guitars one ;-) I've posted in the latter now so you can disregard this one :-P
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    I own a Stingray 5 Black serial E78858 and would love to find out the date of manufacture.
    If you can help me, thank you very much!

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    I own a blue 4 string Stingray serial number 34134. I wanted to find out when this bass was manufactured so that I can look for a second one.

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    Just bought a JP6 with the serial number 662302!

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    I have a MusicMan Stingray stealth 4hh, serial# C00066

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    I have a MusicMan Sub1 Serial number x12152 inherited from my Dad after he passed, looking for details on the guitar.

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    >>This one is coming up as an Axis. Is there any chance the serial could be something different or has a prefix in front of the number?<<

    Hi there,

    My bad - I misread the serial number of my Stingray bass when I submitted it (it's on the bridge under the strings so not easy to read). So let's go again.

    Serial number 33612 - can you supply date of m/f,wood, original colour, please?

    Thank you.

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    Hi guys,
    I recently purchased Stingray 5 with serial number 59222, can you tell me something about the bass, production year, wood combo, colour etc. Thank you so much!
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    My Stingray 5 is E01886. Thank you.

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    Hello everybody,
    New happy and proud owner of a MusicMan Bass after a lot of sacrifice.
    I would like to know the birthday of my Stingray 5 30th anniversary bass along with as much info as possible SN C02727

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    bass E72207

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    Could I get some info on serial number 53703 please?
    Thank you!

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    Good afternoon, could you pass me the production data of my bass Music man? the Serial number is E07924. Thank you so much

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