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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Ernie ball Musicman Stingray5

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if I could get some info and the value of that bass, serial number: E03266

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    Hey guys, could I get the info on a Sterling serial number F41779. Thanks!

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    Ciao Bassisti, ho un music man Sting Ray con seriale E 52623. Come posso avere la conferma che sia un music man autentico?? smontando il manico, all'interno c'è scritto, non so se a matita o penna BB 52206, c'è, inoltre, stampata una M.
    Grazie e buona musica a tutti

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    ¡Hello! I would like to know the year of manufacture of my Stingray 5, the serial number is E06889

    ¡Thank you very much!

    ¡Hola! Me gustaría saber el año de fabricación de mi Stingray 5, el número de serie es E06889

    ¡Muchas gracias!

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    Hello, could I get the info on a Classic 4 Limited Custom, Serial number: B053951? Thanks!

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    Hi, looking for as much info as possible on a Stingray 4H serial number E11313 (in particular fretboard wood) and a Sterling 4H F42532. Thank you!

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    Do you have date of birth and materials used info for my lovely Sterling 4H serial number F19550.

    Many thanks

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    Red face Sterling year of production??

    Hello you all!
    I am about to get a second hand sterling and would like to know its year of production.

    Hope This can help..

    Reference number is F14768

    Thanks very much


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    Hi, I'm asbolutely delighted with my EB Stingray, plays like a dream (natural body, black Scratchplate, assuming a maple neck) serial number is E61349 - no idea what year, be super grateful if you guys could confirm when built etc. Very awesome that you guys do this for us - keep up the excellent work!
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    Hey there - what can you tell me about this Sterling - F11080?


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    Hey there. I just picked up a Sabre reissue (B057264) yesterday and I was wondering what it's history was? Thanks.

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    Stingray HH4 F44454

    Transparent red stingray HH 4 with reference number F44454
    When was it build???
    Thanks, Ethann

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    Hi, I recently acquired a JP6, please tell me woods, pickups, fret material, colour & dob on G21096. Thankyou.
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    I'm just trying to find out how old the bass is. It's a Stingray 5-string fretless E52377.

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    Please tell me a bedtime story about E87619?

    Thank you!
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