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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    could you please give me more details about my Musicman Stingray bass, serial number 31064 ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Could you please give details about my musicman stingray 5 serial E58854
    Thank you in advance

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    I have a very nice, great sounding and great playing SLO EBMM SUB Bass with a black body and black single ply pickguard. The headstock logo says SUB Bass and it looks like the logo is more grey than bright white.
    I would like to know the details of this bass as far as the build completion date, and if it was stock with the black pickguard.
    Any additional information you would like to pass along would be great.
    Also, I'd like to change the nut out to the compensated nut if you have any available for purchase.
    The serial number is X09309.
    Thanks very much!

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    Hi. Could you tell me the year of my stingray? 41262

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    Hi, I’m trying to date my Musicman Stingray. I’ve had it from new, I’m just curious as to it DOB. The bass is teal green in colour, with a maple neck. The serial number stamped on the bridge is 43716. Hope you might be able to help

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    Serial number E89480

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    Hi all, I'm searching for the DOB of my Earny Ball StingRay MM, the serial is 44124 - Was originlally a black fretless where wehave put a new birdseye fingerboard and have fretted it - It has dampers on the bridge and six neck screws - Thanks a lot for feedback & Cheers from Switzerland: Schuega.

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