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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    I have a Music Man Steve Morse Signature Series, Blue Burst with serial number G71323. Can anyone please tell me the year of manufacture!

    Any help will be much appreciated!

    Andy De Looze

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    Music man Stingray5 E48469.

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    I would like to get some information on my Stingray 5 SN: E44253



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    Sting Ray Bass. E00144.
    Thanks. Dustin.

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    Please, the DOB of my Stingray SN - E65659. Thanks.

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    Hello. I'd like to get some information about Sterling Bass serial no. E49432. Thanks in advance.
    "It's just a ride."

    Proud owner of Trans Orange MM90 ASS

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    Hi Guys,

    Greetings from Ireland.
    I have 2 stingrays:
    First one is a fretless from 1991 (S/N 32414). I'd love to know it's DOB and it's body material in particular.

    2nd one(S/N 35752) is a 3 band eq I bought new in 1993 and I'd also love to know it's exact DOB

    Thanks in advance


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    Hello! I have 2 SUB basses. I would love all the details you have about both please. The white has a larger in circumference neck than the blue. Both have 3 band eq with active pickups. The white has the chrome knob plate but the blue does not. Different tones from both.

    The white one:

    Ol blue:
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    Hi Joel!

    Please help me checked for :
    - Stingray S/N E51789
    - Sterling S/N 40669
    - Sterling S/N F06748

    Thank you so much.
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    Hi there, never got a reply on my last post. I have a musicman Sterling s/n F19366. Thanks

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    Hi, Can I get some info on the 3 way switch and a build date for this Ernie Ball MM Stingray serial # E78236 .
    Thanks in advance.

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    My bass serial number 55111
    I would like to know the DOB , shipping destination
    and how many the total production of this version of the bass guitar. Thanks.

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    I got my Stingray yesterday! After I sold my '78 one back in 1986 (I never got over that), I found a new bass friend. It's an all maple/ash Stingray 4 with serial number 42671. I'd really like to know the DOB and whatever info you can get me. Thanks!

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    Here is my s/n : E58801
    Any information ?

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    Hey folks!

    I have a red Sterling w serial number F00563.

    I don't know why I never did this before, excited to find out how old my bass is (plus any other info you have).

    Thanks y'all!

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