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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Quote Originally Posted by Absenter View Post
    Hi, looking for info on serial E63661. Thanks.
    This StingRay HS was completed on October 8th, 2007. The color is Natural Gloss with the Maple neck.

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulErik View Post
    The number on my older Sterling is 40933.
    This Sterling was completed on May 23rd, 1994. The color is Trans Red with the Maple neck.

    Quote Originally Posted by cowaloon View Post
    I have a ray 34 QM with a sr33372 number on it, is this the right serial?
    Unfortunately we don't have the production records for the Sterling by Music Man instruments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hyenna View Post
    Hello , i would like to know about my SR5 Serial E65148 , could you give me some Info ?
    This StingRay 5 was completed on March 4th, 2008. The color is Black Cherry Burst with the Rosewood fretboard & matching headstock.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrea cozzani View Post
    Sting ray 4.......serial E09662.

    This StingRay 3EQ was completed on September 14th, 1999. The color is Trans Orange with the Rosewood fretboard.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mauricio diaz View Post
    Mi nombre es Mauricio Díaz soy de chile adquirí un music man modelo stingray número de sete E 40335 quisiera tener el diagrama del circuito año de fabricación y maderas de construcción desde ya agradecido
    This one is coming up as a Sterling in the database, is there any chance the serial number could be something different?

    Quote Originally Posted by basspro77 View Post
    Sunburst Stingray C02334.
    Thank you!
    This StingRay 2EQ was completed on August 30th, 2017. The color is Vintage Sunburst with the Maple neck.

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    "This Sterling was completed on May 23rd, 1994. The color is Trans Red with the Maple neck."


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    My serial F10308


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    I have a Big al 4SSS white maple fretboard with the serial # F27305.
    Can you help me with the build date please?


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    Hi, mine is a Classic Stingray 4, red, with a birdseye maple fretboard. Serial number: B053407. Thanks for your help.

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    F41021 please

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    Stingray bass serial number E96015. Can I get the DOB info? Thanks!

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    Hi, I have a Music Man SUB5 (USA) in black with matching headstock, serial number X13226.

    Thanks in advance!

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    One question. Is every Bongo 18 volt or has 9 volt versions?

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    DOB please for my 5 string stingray, E44079 many thanks guys!

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    DOB for E45948 please. Stingray 4string. Thanks!

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    another Stingray serial here: E14256

    What's its DOB?


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    Checking on Stingray E71227

    Thank you.

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    Hello, I wish to know the manufacturing year for a Stingray 4 strings bass serial # D08086

    Thank you!

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    Please more info #F19404

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