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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Majesty Artisan Marrone S/N M03213


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    I'm looking for some info on Black musicman with serial # L05458
    Thank you for your help!!

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    Birthday of a stealth sterling 5 HH, serial # F25123. Please
    Thank You!

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    I have a Stingray 5
    SN: E38832

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    looking for DOBs on Stingray 5s 52495 (fretted) & 56075 (fretless).

    thanks in advance...

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    Here comes another serial, this time it's a Caprice Bass, looking for it's DOB :-)
    Serial is: F44985

    Thanks in advance!

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    Musicman Sabre teal #B027596 please?

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    Hello, looking for info on Stingray E68651 , thanks!

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    What year my StingRay 5 E22083 ?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Stingray 5 serial 59065

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    Hi. I'm new to this forum. There is a number on the bridge plate under the saddles. No letter just five digits. 39167. On the headstock it says "EB Musicman SingRay" made in San Luis Obispo Ca. USA. String retainers in A an D. 4 dots past 12th fret.
    It looks like it had been resprayed white in its life (badly). The paint is coming off revealing a clear finish on what could be maple?? Maple neck. Any info including DOB please. I am in Australia.

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    Black Stingray 5 string fretless serial number 56060

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    Hi! I have S.U.B. bass, serial x05634. Thks!

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    I have two Bongo 5 hh basses these are the serials

    F 19953 Fretless with 2 Double Humbucker and piezo
    F 25943 Fretted with 2 Double humbucker

    Can i have the DOB of these basses? Thanks!

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    I just bought a used lefty L-58362. Could I get the history on this one?


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