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Thread: Music Man Serial Number Database

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    Still wondering about this...
    Thank You.

    Looking to date My Stingray 5. Kind of a pinkish/purple metallic color. Would like to know what it's called. Serial # E07584. Thank You, Marc

    UPDATE... I removed the neck. There is a date of Feb 01 1999 in the pocket, along with BLACK, in large capital letters. But... the bass is Pearl Lavender. HELP?

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    I have a couple of Stingrays I would like to know DOB on.
    The first is a Stingray4 with serialno: D 07932
    The other is a Stingray5 with serialno: 52075

    Thanks in advance.
    Br Lars

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    Can you check out E14894 please

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    I have a sterling stingray CA24 the serial number is
    thanks for your help

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    I dont know if my reply worked so ill do it again. my serial number is
    its a sterling stingray ca 24 i think

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    Hi! I’m in love with my 2 stingrays, but don’t know anything about them! Can you help me please?
    The first one is a Stingray: E60661
    And the second is a Stingray Classic: 805230.
    Best regards

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    I've just got an SR5 with the Number E51997. Can you please tell me it's Day of Birth?
    Thank you very much and have a nice Weekend...

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    I look for informations about musicman Stingray 5 serial 59065

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    Musicman Stingray s/n E94426

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