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Thread: My love affair with EB basses

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    My love affair with EB basses

    I just got an email from Steve and my 30th Anniversary Stingray will be here next Tuesday!

    To celebrate, here's a pic of the rest of my EB herd. Many thanks to BP and all of the crew for such great basses.

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    very nice collection!!!

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    Oh, that's nice Brad.
    obsessed punter

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    Absolutely STUNNING collection you have there sir. You're coming to Texas right?

    Carbon Blue Pearl HH SR5
    Dargie Delight HS SR5
    Trans Red H SR5

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    Wow Brad. Thats Awesome.

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    Thanks guys, they are even better when they are in focus.

    I can't believe what I missed while I was at work today - I just emailed Jack about a green Bongo!

    I'd like to make it in November, work gets pretty crazy that time of year but if I start planning now maybe it'll happen.

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    Quite a large bundle of sexfunk you've got there sir, dandy collection

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    Wow, what a collection! I'm in love with the red sabre.
    Mmmm SR5...
    Berg HT/EX112's

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    That's actually a Cutlass II. It's essentially a Sabre but with a factory-installed graphite neck. They made them in the early 80's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alma
    Wow, what a collection! I'm in love with the red sabre.
    That's actually a red Cutlass II (Sabre with a graphite neck). I kind of have warm spot in my heart for that one as well.
    my band The Madeira - original, authentic surf rock

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    Wow...this 30th is going to fit in quite nicely Brad!!

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    You, my friend, need some 5 strings! And maple fingerboards too!

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    Thumbs up

    Damn, Brad! For a second there, I thought I was looking at Dave's collection.

    BTW ~ I noticed that Cutlass II right off the bat, as well (also thinking it was a Sabre)...makes me want another Sabre, this time with the original neck (mine had a Modulus Graphite neck).
    "That Bongo is the Abe Vigoda of basses."
    - BP

    "Don't play it if you don't feel it."
    - James Jamerson

    I am the Heidi Fleiss of bass owners!


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    That is a joy to look at! Beautiful collection, enjoy all those babies!
    Psycho Ward

    King of Lefthanzia

    "I now pronounce you KING of LEFTHANZIA...its official and no one can take it away..." -BP

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    Darn (Dang) proud of you Brad

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