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Thread: It Boils Down To Bongos

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    It Boils Down To Bongos

    Ray was over today and we had a nice time with various members of my family, visiting for the holiday. Eventually they all went away and we retired to the Scream Parlour to fool around with basses.

    Ray brought his Medallion Gold single H 4 banger over, so I grabbed the Big Poppa Bongo and we sat around comparing and contrasting and making tiny adjustments to the setups (this was mostly Ray as I was eating yet again).

    That Ray is pretty good. The BPB's setup had changed over time and the saddles needed to come up a bit. This Ray did with expert authority.

    We have both been through an awful lot of basses from all kinds of different manufacturers, but Ray (I paraphrase) said that it's going to soon, for him, come down to which Music Man bass to choose for the night. (Mostly a Bongo is my guess.)

    And I suppose that's why I have so many Bongos. They just sound better and play better than anything else I've ever owned.

    Been a while since I said that, so I thought I'd say it tonight!

    Had fun today, Ray. BP, thanks again for the tremendous basses.


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    Can't blame you there Jack. For sure, nothing plays better than my fretless Bongo. However I stumbled upon one of these for an offer I couldn't refuse today, and there is something there in the sound that I don't get from the Bongo (no I am not referring to the extra 5 notes). I can't keep 'em all. Thankfully I have a couple months to figure things out.

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    Paul, that thing is beautiful. Put it away before my wallet gets hurt.

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    Yep if one is to be torn it will be between the SR5 and Bongo. Dey is both mighty good.

    It is all fun.
    Cliff Hugo fan #1

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    My pleasure, brother. That particular Bongo was the reason I bought one, was my pleasure to tweak it. And then I tweaked mine awful close to it.

    Loved the family, really nice day, thanks for inviting me out.

    Paul, that's a sweet one there bro, congrats!

    NONE of my other basses plays as well as the Bongo. They're ok in their own right, but it's the Bongo I go back to. When I think of all the years I wasted resisting Jack's efforts to recruit me..........
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    I must concur Jack,
    Even though I'm insanely infatuated (like the aliteration?)[sp?] with my Sterling, when I pick up my Bongo 5 there's just something about it. And yes, I've put an Aguilar onboard and have sanded the neck down to just the wood and a carnuba wax finish(which is the MOST insane neck profile out there for a 5 in my opinion) it still is a Bongo and still does have a voice of it's own that just kicks ass, yes, ass. Even without the $$ signs in there, that's how much it really does kick

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    You can't go wrong with a Bongo. I only have two, but every time I think about buying another bass I can't help but think Bongo. IMO, The most dynamic and best sounding/playing basses in their price range. In a word: Awesome

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    It's really hard for me to get myself to buy another bass when I already have a Bongo HH. It covers so much ground that, from a completely practical point of view, there's really no need to get any other bass. But when were we ever practical? Hmmm now what bass would I like the DD in...

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    That's why I bought a Bongo too. Just felt and played better and sounded better than anything else in the music store, at least to me. (I went into the store thinking I was going to buy a Fender Jazz Deluxe in Quilted Maple, but came out with corrected thinking.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldtoe
    Paul, that thing is beautiful. Put it away before my wallet gets hurt.
    That is one beautiful SR5. Where did you find that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by revchrisesq
    That's why I bought a Bongo too. Just felt and played better and sounded better than anything else in the music store, at least to me.
    The playability and versatility of these bases are unreal.
    And with a company like EBMM backing them up, I don't want to play anything else.
    And they will soon be available in...GREEN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandman@midlife
    And they will soon be available in...GREEN!
    for 10 days only!!

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