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Thread: Slo Mxpx Charity Pix

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    Slo Mxpx Charity Pix

    Brian Ball's childhood friend had a baby that was born deaf and without health insurance. They needed a bunch of money so the baby could have coclear implant surgery so she could hear. Brian created a benefit for him called Balloween and it was a real accomplishment as he convinced the city to allow a punk/reggae show in the mission plaza of San Luis Obispo. He really worked his butt off and many people from Ernie Ball were just superstars in their help.

    MXPX are my new best friends. Great guys, played a really long set and didnt charge us one penny. They also donated a bass that sold on Ebay for $3,050.00!

    Breian had San Luis Obispo native Chuck "The Iceman" Lidell (Ultimate fighting light heavyweight champion)there and he was great. He donated a whole bunch of stuff and stayed till the end.

    Tiffles and Phatty were there and I think that Azaih and the rest of the SLo crew took good care of them. They didnt win the costume contest though.

    We will get a final accounting tommorow but it looks like through the kindness of some great sponsors (guitar center, firestone grill and EB) coupled with great sales and donations from the public the little girls operation is paid for!

    Hre are a few shots I took
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    Sounds awesome, BP - but check those links... Not getting any pics...
    It's all about the bass!

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    Great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thats just awesome BP. Its so cool to have a great show for a great cause.

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    That is awesome.

    It is all fun.
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    ahh thats great! hearing stuff like this makes me think that perhaps the world isn't boned after all
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    MxPx is the reason I am alive. I'd give my left testicle to have won that auction.

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    What a great cause & effort! Stories like this are just another reason why I feel great when I support a company like EB. Not often that you hear of any company doing something like this for an employee.

    Way to go!
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    Pic links work great for me. Another great story about people helping others out here at the EB forum!

    My left nut is worth way more than $3,000 to me...

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    3 cheers for the Kings of the Left Coast!!!

    that's awesome BP!
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    The concert and whole event was amazing!! Brian and crew did such a stellar job. I ended up hanging out with Arin and Tiff the whole night and we had a blast...

    A few pics from the night...
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    lol we had FUN hee hee. aziah kicks ass, no one told me she was so much fun. she HAS to come to dallas!!!
    lets get together and make the grass grow.

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    oh and ps. jon is a rock star. how many awesome people can a girl meet?
    lets get together and make the grass grow.

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    This weekend was great.

    first off I must thanks senior Pops for inviting us down. I had a really, really great time! And i really have to give a huge round of applause to Brian for organizing and putting on one hell of a show! it was badass. as a spectator it all seemed to run 100% flawlessly and i know anything that looks like its running sooooooo smoothe only seems that way cuz of all the hard work and prep that's been put into it... so a big "awesome, way to go" to Brain!

    So, me n Tiff headed to SLO pretty early in the morning, around 9am. We got down to SLO and all the good times started. We first got to go see this:

    That.s the blue dawn bongo, the original dd, the biff baby SR4 and the mahogany bongo from OH not a bad lot there huh?

    he he. that was great.

    Next up we met up with Jon at the grad to check out some guitar contest and drink, and drink. LoL. Good times were had. Jon intro'd us to the good folks in the Travis Larson Band.

    Next we checked into our rooms. i layed around watching HBO while Tiff was off in her room doing up her hair for the Balloween bash. Then at about 5 or 5:30 we got downtown and met up with BP. before the bash started we ran into Dargin and Kevin and hung out.

    At around 7 the show started... and so did the drinking. I dunno when, but at some time I ran into Aziah and enineer Jon (enjoneer). Most of the rest of the night was spent listening to great music and drinking with Aziah, Kevin eng. Jon and cool peeps from the EBMM family.

    After it all ended we went to find BP and thank him for everything then cruised on over to some downtown bars with a handful of the EB guys n gals.

    We didnt hang out downtown too long even tho we wanted to due to the fact that Tiff and I were both SUPER tired. it was about 1am by then and we got up at 7am... so it was a long day with no rest.

    Anywho... it was a very, very, very fun day. I gotta thank all the cool folks: BP, Dargin, Brian, Jon, Aziah, Kevin, Eng Jon and all the other EB folks for showing us a great time ... (you "other folks", yes, i remember your names but figured id keep y'all anonymous since you guys havent yet jumped into the forums madness)

    Thanks a million + 6 and ill see most of you guys in Dallas.

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    Generosity and kindness = the Ball family

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