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Thread: Sterling 35HH

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    Sterling 35HH

    Just got this on order and looking forward to playing it, but I have some in-depth EB newbie questions.

    What are the most common/best sounding/mix cutting coil splitting combinations that you guys use and for what music styles?

    Also, I've been reading that the Sterlings use alnico vs. ceramic magnets (I may have that backwards) and that there is a noticable tone difference.

    Are there any other significant differences between the Sterling and MM?

    I have played a Warwick Thumb for years and looking forward to substantially opening up the door for a more dynamic sound. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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    Per the Sterling by Musicman website, the Ray 35HH has "HH - 2 Alnico Humbuckers". I would go by what you are seeing on the official "Sterling by Musicman" website, as there is often confusion between the EBMM Sterling Bass, and the Sterling by Musicman basses.

    There are differences including the materials, electronics, and so forth.

    Regarding pickup selection, it's really up to the sound you want. The bridge pickup by itself is, IMHO, THE Stingray sound. It's got the most bite and is that typical sound. Assuming that the coil selection is the same as on the EBMM Stingray 5, the second most useful position is going to be when you get split coils from each pickup mixed together, which will give a nice airy sound. I find that the two pickups together with all coils is a bit muddy, and I'm not a fan of the neck pickup by itself.

    This is why when I bought my last Stingray 5, I got a single H. I didn't find the HH to have as many useful positions as the HS I already had.
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    Thanks. I play bridge heavy on most of my basses, and that's good to know. My thought is that full coils with neck and bridge would be muddy for sure-it's a wide open signal. I'm looking forward to playing around with the configurations, but wanted to ask those who are much more qualified than myself for some guidance.

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