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    For Sale Or Trade

    Please understand that Ernie Ball is the only guitar manufacturer to provide a “For Sale Or Trade” service. This service is also free of charge. It is expected that the rules are strictly adhered to by all posters who use this privilege.

    The rules, set out below, have evolved over time at the collective request of fellow Forum members in an attempt to overcome issues that have arisen from time to time.

    *Sellers, Buyers and Traders are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.

    *Disputes will not be mediated nor resolved by EB or Moderators.


    1) Before posting an advert you will need a posting history of at least 25 previous posts throughout the Forum over a period of at least one month. Most importantly, you must be a contributing member of good standing in the forum community. In borderline cases, Moderators will review your posting history and will remove your advert if they deem necessary. 'Serial posting' in an attempt to obtain 25 posts in a short period of time is not allowed.

    2) Only EB/MM items may be advertised.

    3) No advertising for a friend.

    4) In the case of a sale, state the selling price.

    5) Asking for payment by PayPal gift option is not allowed.

    6) Do not link your post to any on-line auction (e.g. Ebay) or to any other media where you may have additionally placed your advert.

    7) No comments please and if you need to compliment, ask/answer questions or negotiate then do so by private mail.

    8) Posts will expire after a month but you are at liberty to re-post your advert after that time if you wish.

    9) Please delete posts when transactions have been finalized.

    Note: Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in automatic deletion of your post and, in some cases, the possibility of being either temporarily or permanently banned.
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    Near mint condition Sterling 4 HS. Comes with factory case. 950.00 shipped to the lower 48 states only. Cashiers check,Western Union,or cash if local to Metro Atlanta. No Paypal,no trades.For Sale Or Trade-img_20180604_154823-jpg
    Sterling 5 HS Tobaccoburst
    Sterling 4 HS white/matching headstock
    Bongo 5 HHp Sapphire Black

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    Andy, is this the Bongo you posted in the Bongo Appreciation Page on Facebook?

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    Looking to sell this wonderful Stingray 5 in white with maple board, 2015, ALNICO PU.
    Very good condition, shipping across Europe.
    Please ask for more fotos or any question via email: hetschko@gmail.com

    The bass is located in Germany. Price: 1550 Euro.

    For Sale Or Trade-01-jpg

    Please delete
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    2015 Bongo 5 HH, Sterling Silver, Rosewood Neck
    2015 Bongo 5 H, Neptune Blue, Birdseye Maple
    2017 StingRay 5, 30th Anniversary, Flammed Maple
    Xotic XJ 1T5, Natural, Maple
    Sandberg TT5p passive, Maple

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    Stingray 4/5 hardshell plastic case, pretty much new. $50. local sale (so cal) would be preferred, but we can discuss shipping.


    SELL ME YOUR 1st 50 MORSE!!!

    1977 Stingray Bass B00 natural
    1987/8 Steve Morse
    1993 Van Halen hardtail
    1994 Albert Lee
    1998 Axis hardtail
    1998 Axis hardtail
    2000 Silhouette Bass, rw board (artist build)
    2001 Mr. Horsepower 12 of 25
    2004 Sub

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    Up for sale is my 2002 Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling 4H. I had this stellar bass converted to fretless by renowned Maryland/DC/Virginia Luthier Brubaker Guitars. I had the fingerboard coated in super slick polyester finish. The fretboard feels so incredibly smooth...almost like your playing on glass. And yes...the Mwahhhh effect is incredible. I'm only selling this beauty to start building up my "Joe Dart Signature Bass Fund" :-) . I truly hope it ends up in the hands of someone who will truly love it as I do. I'm asking $1300 shipped.

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    I'm looking to trade my Sterling HS bass for a Music Man guitar, since I'm more of a guitarist. Preferably something without a trem.
    The bass has some nicks that I've shown in the pictures. The case exterior is in rough shape but the internal is clean and solid.

    For Sale Or Trade-ushxsjdbaulhxerigjit-jpg
    For Sale Or Trade-jdstnupvyhfmw3fpmc2z-jpg
    For Sale Or Trade-c9p5ga0ykakh5bf7s4dh-jpg
    For Sale Or Trade-ougxhex0xt4cl7xulu4a-jpg
    If you develop an ear for sounds that are musical it is like developing an ego. You begin to refuse sounds that are not musical and that way cut yourself off from a good deal of experience. - John Cage

    Neptune Blue BFR ALSSS flamed with trem
    Trans Red Axis
    Eurorack modular and synth fiend.
    Twin Reverb 15"

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    Hello everyone I have a Black Magic Crystal Sparkle Stingray Body 2009 Loaded 3 Band I'm Looking to Trade for a Different Color Sparkle 3 Band. This body is in MINT SHAPE, let me know if your interest, This color is amazing but I have too many the same color.

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    Dargie Delight Bongo 4HH

    Dargie Delight Bongo 4HH in absolutely mint condition. One of 13 made in this configuration, and great playing and sounding. $2500 US OBO, including shipping in US or Canada. No trades.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails For Sale Or Trade-img_0628-jpg   For Sale Or Trade-img_0627-jpg   For Sale Or Trade-img_0625-jpg   For Sale Or Trade-img_0626-jpg   For Sale Or Trade-img_0624-jpg  

    1977 Sunburst SR4H with customized 24 fret ebony fretboard, 1982 Natural SR4H X2, 1983 Sunburst SR4H, 2005 Buttercream Bongo 4HH RW Neck, 2005 LE Buttercream SR4HH, 2007 DD SR4HH, 2007 DD Bongo 4HH, 2009 25th Venetian Red SR4HH BFR RW neck, a couple of regular Sterlings, a few other Stingrays, and a few competitors basses

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