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Thread: Earthwood Bass - How does the neck bolt on?

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    Post Earthwood Bass - How does the neck bolt on?

    Hi All,

    After trying all sorts of acoustic bass guitars over the years and learning that they aren't loud enough I've decided to build myself something along the lines of the Earthwood bass. In fact as close as I can get it.

    The Earthwood looks to me to have an electric type neck that is bolted on.... but with what? 7" bolts? Through what - a giant 7" block. I'm intrigued.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    FYI I remember long ago an Earthwood Bass being for sale for a couple of years (or more) in Palings Music Centre in the middle of Sydney. As a young beginner I'd trudge into town every 6 months or so and it would still be there. I used to laugh at it cause it was so big and no-one wanted it. How things change.


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    We cant do your R and D but the earthwood neck was attached with Triangular three screw patttern with a allen screw tilt adjustment. Is was very similar to the 70's fender
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