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Thread: Welcome to the family JOHN MYUNG!!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the family JOHN MYUNG!!!!!!!

    Ok, Its official.

    I am speaking for both myself and the entire Music Man family in welcoming a wonderfully talented bassist and good guy, John Myung of Dream Theater.

    John has fallen in love with the prototypes that we made of the Bongo 6 and is now playing them exclusively. He is so in love with them that he wont let me tweak them. He is playing the first proto and has two others from the same batch. This is historic
    for us to have hit the nail on the head for an artist without any input, visit, or promise. First time proto hit a home run! WHoopeeeee!

    THis was a no promises deal on both sides. It is not a signature bass it is part of the regular line. WE made it without any commitment from him or us. We got lucky.
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    That's great news! I'll take 6.......
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Thumbs up


    Oh yeah. Welcome, JM!
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    Congrats BP and all at EBMM...I'm thrilled for all of you.

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    That's AWESOME.....................welcome John.

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    Welcome to the family, John!
    carpe diem

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    The Johns!!

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    awesome news! welcome John

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    Congrats BP - that is very cool.

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    Nice one. Congratulations.
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    Great news. Congrats BP !
    So many changes coming in an ordinary bass player's life :
    - New cover band soon
    - New rock band soon
    - New trio soon
    - New bass soon (he he he...)

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    Great news! I cannot wait to see and hear the new Bongo 6 in action.
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    Congrats to everyone at Ernie Ball MusicMan, as for hitting the nail on the head on the first try........ when you're good, you're good....

    It's great to see John Myung playing MusicMan, he is a jaw-dropping bassist, I'm amazed everytime I see him play.

    It seems like..... slowly, the Bongo is taking over the world!

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    Uhh, BP... you know the rule...

    No pics, no Myung...
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    He, he... a fellow bassist from my town who is an absolute Dream Theater/John Myung freak recently (around two months ago, I think) bought a brand new Yamaha John Myung signature bass and he was looking all of us like "You, mere mortals. I have the best bass in the Milky Way". I'd love to see his face when he gets to hear the big news.

    Congratulations, Big Poppa!
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