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Thread: Dead G string?

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    Who is "PB"?
    Psycho Ward

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    This is not going to become an aftermarket pickup thread. We've done this a million times and I've explained it a million (and one) times; any questions on THAT issue, read the FAQs and the sticky above that's titled "Where Did It Go?"

    I've had a few Stingrays (out of a veritable horde) with an initially "weak" G string. Instead of raising the treble side of the pickup, I suggest lowering the bass side of the pickup. While playing with other instruments, keep your screwdriver handy and make SMALL adjustments until it's balanced.

    I've heard that a bigger G string is also a solution; I have no real-world experience with that, but I HAVE 'fixed' the imbalance by lowering the bass side of the pickup.


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    Gee, didn't see that coming...

    OK, maybe I did.

    ...and really, who is this PB character?

    or is your mother a member of the MDA?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho Ward View Post
    Who is "PB"?
    I meant BP. My bad! BTW Bovinehost,I didn't intend on turning this into that kind of thread.I just told him what I did to fix the problem with my basses,when all other options failed.
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    No probs, man, it's just that sometimes the door gets opened a little bit and then BAM, the aftermarket stuff starts taking over the thread and I have to moderate, which is almost like work - and we all know how much I hate THAT.


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    After a proper set up for my fretless, including pu height, I cut a new nut so that the G string and E string (4-string bass) cut their respective magnets the same amount. That worked dramatically well. Now all strings equal volume and sustain.

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    Ive worked on this problem for days, settup, eq, fingerboard, etc. The only thing that semi works is turning up the volume. Im just going to accept that that's the way this bass is, hang it up, and play my Fender J instead. I prefer a more mellow sound anyway.

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    I've had a J where by mistake I had the pickups too high and the G-string was close to dead-sounding.

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    My '94 Ray had this issue. I lowered the bass side and that resulted in the E and G strings being good, and the A being a little too loud and the D being a lot too loud. The solution--which I recommend only to those with a certain amount of Cu3Zn2 in their genitalia (look it up), was to pull the pickup out of its cover and *very* gently push the D and A pole pieces to the same level as the E and A.

    WARNING WARNING WARNING you can ruin your pickup doing this. You've got one shot to get it right. You've been warned.

    Remount it in the bass with the bass side lower than the G side. It had a major pucker factor attached, but it also took care of my weak G string issue. YMMV, and your mileage might include a dead pickup.

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