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Thread: Hardest song to play...

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    Hardest song to play...

    What do you think is the hardest song to play on the bass???
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    Re: Hardest song to play...

    Originally posted by SGMan88
    What do you think is the hardest song to play on the bass???
    Achy Breaky Heart - Billy Ray Cyrus.

    Not that it's hard to play - it's just hard for me to force myself to paly it.......

    c h r i s
    'Exerting my Low End authority as I see fit.'

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    Smoke on the Water?

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    stu hams bass solo
    rock with the new sensation!


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    the awakening by les claypool is seriously kicking my ass right now.

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    ANYTHING by George Thorogood

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    The White Stripes' basslines are pretty hard to decipher.

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    too much I think ...
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    Ihave a problem with a lot of Billy Sheehan Solo's They are ridiculous. Taps so fast... dammmmn haha

    I laugh at Bovines witty comment of SMoke on the Water

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    Originally posted by bovinehost
    Smoke on the Water?
    Hardest to play.....without falling asleep!

    Actually my least fav (which makes it hard to play) is "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" by Bob Seger. Just did it too many times.

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    With the correct and systematic practice I don't think there is such thing as "hard". Instead I'd use the phrase time-consuming.

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    oh - to be so advanced.........

    c h r i s
    'Exerting my Low End authority as I see fit.'

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    teen town

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    let's try ...

    wooten's Amazing Grace ;p

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    How about Wooten's "U Can't Hold No Groove"? I've been tackling that one for a while now... still can't hold that groove.

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