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Thread: Good 50-100 watt amp

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    Good 50-100 watt amp

    For any of you amp buffs out there can you recommend to me a good sounding 50 100 watt amp. Used for rock mostly with good sound!
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    Re: Good 50-100 watt amp

    Originally posted by SGMan88
    For any of you amp buffs out there can you recommend to me a good sounding 50 100 watt amp. Used for rock mostly with good sound!
    50-100 watt amp for Rock? Kinda small.

    I just bought an Ashdown Mag 300 1x15 combo for practice - sounds great! If you're looking for a combo amp they make a 1x15, 2x10 and a 4x10 - all very reasonably priced. The Mag 300 head is only $299.00 brand new - for 300 watts? Yup! You'll be much happier than 50-100 watts.

    Here's where I got mine:

    Scroll down for the Mag series.

    Good Luck!

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    depends on your budget bro ...

    his mag is definitely great for the price
    or if you prefer ampeg ..
    ba115 is around

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    I bought BEHRINGER BX 600 - 60 WATT combo for 250$ in SLOVENIJA.
    It s cool. I tested it with MM sub 4 str and it has the best sound i ever heard from 60 watt combo.If u like rage against the machine MM sound this combo is for u . It is louder and it s more ground shaking than bx 1200.


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    I have a little Ampeg B-50R that sounds GREAT. As good as my big rig, almost, except not very loud.

    The B-100R is also a good combo. Discontinued now, I think, but I keep seeing them here and there - I love these things. Old school tone and they look cool, which counts.

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    I second the Ampeg B100R!

    I held off buying a B100R for many years because I thought you were paying for the look and it was just a BA115 with a different covering. I was wrong. Although, not cheap, it is a killer little amp. It can go pretty loud too.


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    I have a hartke kick back as a practice amp for a little amp it sounds great!

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    Hey Baddog,

    Do you find the Hartke kickback's sound to be a bit on the bright side? My Behringer BX600 here at home has a nice, versatile sound, but I've found that the Hartke 15 Kickback at my church tends to bring out a metallic clanginess to my sound.

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    get a Gallien-Krueger combo, their nice, fairly cheap, and sound amzaing...dont get the backline tho, those blow

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    It can sound bright but it has a really good low end too for a small amp, its all in the way your tones are adjusted. I do notice that I have to turn up the lows a little more.

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    As a Hartke dealer (and user), they have come out with paper cone speakers in their kickbacks and sound pretty good if you don't like the highs of aluminum. Also, now Hartke is making ALL of their stuff in China which has reduced all their prices..even the pro level XL series. I don't think you can beat it for the prices. I've used a 3500 head for 5 years and it has thumped gig after gig!

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    Those Warwick combos are very cool.
    I have the sweet 15 model. It is 150 watts and it is not pricey. And it surely beats the most combos in this class. The craftmanship is great.

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    What price are those Warwick combos going for?

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    Originally posted by Bassplyr
    What price are those Warwick combos going for?
    They're around $300-360. Maybe less. And this was a price in Greece 3 yrs ago. Greece is one of the most expensive countries in musical products. I can sell you mine if you want. Depending on where you live.

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    As for the Hartke....always personal opinion, to me they sound(and look) more like toys. I loved the aluminium cone speakers though in the cabs.

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