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    String number

    What's the deal with all these strings on bass guitars? 5 strings is pretty sweet, 6 is a little out there for me, but i can understand it, but 7 strings??? 8?? WHY? It's insanity. I can't even fit my hand around the neck. Why does someone playing a bass guitar need to play notes that high? Does anyone here play a 7 string or more? What do you use all those extra strings for? I personally think it's a gimmick, but maybe some people actually have a use for it...

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    Just because you can't fit your hand around something doesn't mean there isn't a practical use for it.

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    4 - standard

    5 - bonus ... i seldom use the low B, just happy i have it hanging there ...

    6,7,8 - extended-range, really if you are into more harmonics and melodys stuffs ... really sweet for chords too. unless you are into this melody, classical way of playing, no use of them really. I once had a 6 too...

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    I thing the 5 string is perfect, I play the B string all the time! Anymore strings and you are just going higher on the strings, last time I checked Bass meant LOW!

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    Mark, you just made me bust a gut!

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    What you should do is get a six banger and string it up like this:


    Talk about low end, baby!

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