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Thread: I've killed my bass' finish

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    I've killed my bass' finish

    Now, you have to understand that I DO sweat when I work hard, the bands that I have played in DO work hard, and I have totally destroyed the finish on the back on my '88 EB MM Stingray 5. Its like I have melted the beautiful red finish to the point where it has curled off the body to expose bare wood and a pealed finish that looks like I burned it off with a blowtorch.

    What's with that?

    Anyone else experience anything like that?

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    I think that sounds awesome -- glad you are using it for what it was designed for. Got any pix?

    A kinder, gentler collection...

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    Sounds to me like Mojo...
    It's all about the bass!

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    there is tons of people paying high bucks for relic instruments :P

    It's an evidence that an instrument that is played a lot will be worn one day I think, It's 19 years old after all!
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    Sounds pretty effin sweet to me, man.

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    There was a year where the finish had some problems like the one you describe. Not sure if it was 1988 or not. A search may assist with finding the explanation.

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    No pics, it didn't happen.

    My '86 is a little darker in the "money" area, between about 3rd and 5th position or so. I haven't played a whole lot of 4-string for awhile, but if I played one bass for 19 years then mine would probably look like that too.

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    IIRC that was the year that the case company switched the glue in the cases and it had some weird effect on those finishes. I could be wrong though!

    Pics please!!!

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    Yea that sounds like the infamous melting paint, due to the new glue they used in the cases. Has it happened to any bass other than that one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverburst View Post
    I think that sounds awesome -- glad you are using it for what it was designed for. Got any pix?

    I'll have to get something posted. It started with the finish wrinkling up and then kind of pealing off in the center of the back of the bass. The finish is worn through it the normal wear spots from playing, but this was more like self-destructing. I was going to have it refinished in a Harley Davidson theme but just never got around to it.

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    Don't touch it man!

    It'll look killer as it is.

    That's no doubt a nice (almost) vintage MM bass you got buddy.

    Pix please!

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    I call that character. You should see my LE bongo...
    It is heavily "characterized" by my live playing. I will post pics of it in a different thread later....but, I don't want to give everyone a heart attack.

    I am really interested in seeing pics.....so, if you would, please post some.
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    Forum legend...1988 almost 2008....hmmmmm
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    I demand compensation.

    None of my basses have a "money" area.

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    it adds character my '88 has the finish sluffing off in certain areas and is very discoloured. it has a teal finish that looks like a dark blue green kind of like the pacific ocean...all cause of age and smokey bars
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