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Thread: Wanted to buy

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    Looking for fretless Stingrays and Sterlings, 4 or 5 string. At the moment I have a 2015 EBMM Neck Thru and a 2005 USA SUB, both 4 string fretted and in EXCELLENT condition to trade and also have cash of course. Thanks!
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    WTB... EBMM Bongo 5 hard shell case. If you have a spare sitting around let me know. JOSH
    SBMM STINGRAY 4H (Short Scale)
    Former owner of...
    BONGO - 4HH (Rolls Burgandy), 4Hp ("Small EQ"/Medallion Gold), 4H (Ice Blue), 5HSp (White), 4H (Black Sugar), 4H (PDN Honey Burst), 4H (PDN Tobacco Burst)
    STINGRAY - 4H (30TH), 4H (Dargie Delight), 4H (VSB/BFR RW Neck), 5H (08 LE), Classic 4H White w/ MHS
    STERLING - 4HH (Dargie Delight), 4H (Stealth), 4HS (Natural)
    25TH - 5HH (Venetian Red), BIG AL - 4SSS (Olive Gold), CAPRICE - 4 (Natural)

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    Sterling 5 string

    As long as it’s rosewood board. Just a feeler atm seeing what’s about


    StingRay 4HH. SapphireBlack.2006
    StingRay 4H. Buttercreme. 2005
    StingRay 4H. ”SunBlue”. 2005
    Bongo 4H. Sapphire Black. 2005
    Bongo 5HH. Firemist Purple. 2019
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    Looking for Sabre classic in either Diego blue or the pdn Neptune blue. Talk to me.


    SELL ME YOUR 1st 50 MORSE!!!

    1977 Stingray Bass B00 natural
    1977 Sabre guitar
    2014 Sabre Classic
    1987/8 Steve Morse
    1993 Van Halen hardtail
    1994 Albert Lee first batch
    1998 Axis hardtail
    1986 original pre silhouette Ernie Ball Music Man guitar
    2001 Mr. Horsepower 12 of 25

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    Looking for another Sterling 5 H or HS, any condition. Thanks

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    Looking for one of the following: Cutlass bass, Sabre bass, Bongo Bass. I would need to try it out first, so bank transfer/cash on collection(to the extent that Covid rules apply), within reason can travel anywhere within southern/central England/Wales for a good condition example, but you would need to be near a train station, because I don't drive. please PM with details.

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    Sorry that should have been Caprice bass not sabre bass

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