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Thread: Wanted to buy

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    Wanted to buy

    *Buyers and Sellers are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.

    *Disputes will not be mediated nor resolved by EB or Moderators.


    1) Only EB/MM items please.

    2) If you are offering an item to trade then post in the "For Sale Or Trade" thread and not here.

    3) Payment by PayPal gift option is not allowed.

    4) No comments please and if you need ask/answer questions or negotiate then do so by private mail.

    5) Posts will expire after a month but you are at liberty to re-post your advert after that time if you wish.

    6) Please delete posts when transactions have been finalized.

    Note: Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in automatic deletion of your post and, in some cases, the possibility of being either temporarily or permanently banned.
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    I'm looking for a Bongo 4 or 5 stealth black left handed.


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    Where can I buy a pickguard for a EBMM Stingray 4HH double humbuckers?

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    Lookin for a Reflex 5 strings HH or HSS available for Europe

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    Looking for Bongo 6 string.

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    In search of a G&G case for a BFR Stingray. PM me please.

    SR H "Redwood" born 8/6/2008
    SR5 HS "Dargie Delight" born 2/28/2007
    SR5 Classic "Vintage White" born 5/17/2010
    SUB5 "Graphite" born 4/1/2005
    SR5 H LF "Black" born 4/1/2003
    SR H "Orange Firemist" born 1/28/2009
    SUB1 H "Graphite" born 1/27/2005
    GK Fusion 550 & Neo 212 II
    GK MB150E & MBX
    GK MB112 II & 112MBP

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    Looking to buy a StingRay 5 Classic Starry Night.

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    Wanted: Left Handed MM Stingray 5H

    My name is Japie Muller from Cape Town South Africa. I am looking to buy a used left handed Stingray 5H, preferably black with maple fret board in good condition. Pickup and preamp must be original. I am willing to pay $1000 for this bass for I still need to pay shipping and import taxes to South Africa.

    - I am willing to pay with Paypal.
    - Shipping will be to a address in the US. From there I will arrange forwarding to South Africa.

    I sincerely hope to hear from you.

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    Looking for a Big Al SSS or Sterling HH, both in 4 string and prefer maple board.
    Would be nice if they're south of 9lbs... I'm old
    "You can't multiply wealth by dividing it."

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    Looking for a PDN Bongo 4H tobacco burst bass.

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    Looking for:

    4 or 5 unlined fretless of any of the following:
    Big Al H or SSS
    25th Anniversary or Reflex - H, HH or HSS
    Bongo HSp
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    Just a feeler at the moment but I’m looking for a SR4-HH.
    Colour not that important (Blue/Dark coloured would be a bonus) rosewood a must (don’t do maple)
    Uk sale
    Just missed a really nice one on eBay a few weeks back
    Let me know what you got

    StingRay 4H Buttercreme 2005 L.E.
    StingRay 4H Light Blue over Vintage Sunburst. 2005 ("SunBlue")

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    Looking for a Unlined Fretless Ebony Stingray Stealth 4H.
    1977 MM STINGRAY 4H Sunburst
    1978 MM STINGRAY 4H Sunburst
    2001 EBMM STINGRAY 4H NAMM 100th Inca Silver
    2005 EBMM STINGRAY 4HH LE Buttercream
    2006 EBMM STINGRAY 4HH LE Black
    2006 EBMM STINGRAY 4H 30th TransRed
    2006 EBMM SUB 5H Black
    2008 EBMM STINGRAY 4 H LE Ebony Black
    2009 EBMM STINGRAY 4 H LE BFR All Rosewood Neck Natural
    2011 EBMM STINGRAY 5 H LE CLASSIC Pearl White
    2010 SBMM RAY34 4H Siverburst
    2017 SBMM SUB 5H Walnut Satin
    EBMM HD-500
    EBMM HD-410

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    Looking for a Stingray 4 Sparkle green.....

    I used to be Thumper on here a long time ago......changed my user name cause im old and couldnt remember any of my pass words.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciano DeLucia View Post
    Looking for a Stingray 4 Sparkle green.....

    I used to be Thumper on here a long time ago......changed my user name cause im old and couldnt remember any of my pass words.......
    Check the for sale thread... Dave has a Stingray Classic 4 in Sparkle Green listed for sale right now.

    CAPRICE Natural
    Former owner of...
    BONGO - 4HH (Rolls Burgandy), 4Hp ("Small EQ"/Medallion Gold), 4H (Ice Blue), 5HSp (White), 4H (Black Sugar), 4H (PDN Honey Burst), 4H (PDN Tobacco Burst)
    STINGRAY - 4H (30TH), 4H (Dargie Delight), 4H (VSB/BFR RW Neck), 5H (08 LE)
    STERLING - 4HH (Dargie Delight), 4H (Stealth), 4HS (Natural)
    25TH - 5HH (Venetian Red)
    BIG AL - 4SSS (Olive Gold)

    Musicman Cutlass/Caprice Bass Club on Facebook.

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