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Thread: Poppa and the Sterling 5 prototype!

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    Poppa and the Sterling 5 prototype!

    Working the magic...

    "Scott Moreno"

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    S.U.B 5 Black

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    Thrilled...nothing more for me to say.

    194-59-21-01 Sterling Silver Sterling5 HH Rosewood MHS F28514 3/14/11

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    way cool!

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    Wow how about that! Its just about exactly what Id pictured it to be!

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    Sexy! The Sterling shape really works as a five string.

    Love the bass-face in the first picture, BP!

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    Very nice. That should be a great 5 string.

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    Cool stuff!
    " jeg lukker et ye og ser halvt....jeg lukker begge og ser alt "

    96 Stingray Translucent Teal/Rosewood/Black pg

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    Mmm, i'd wanna try one of those, although i've gotta say i'm a little disapointed, i was hoping they might do something different like with the SR5. Ah well, looks nice apart from that headstock which probably isn't standard anyhoo.
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    Carbon Blue Pearl HH SR5
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    nice ash..?
    "Top pros 15 - Talkbass 0"

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    Thanks DaRGin!

    Looks good! I want one so bad. been waiting to get the 5er for a while now. Cant wait for more production shots.


    DOB 05/02/92' Stingray, Natural, 2 Band with TORT

    Silhouette Special, SSH, PDN Limited Edition

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    Thanks for the pics Dargin ........... Now mynan can have a Merry Christmas

    Looks like the prototype is a Sterling 5 body with a 20th SR5 Neck on it.

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    Thanks, Dargin!

    Can't wait to try one of these out.

    the even though real men play four strings,


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