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Thread: Happy Birthday, Biff

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    Happy Birthday, Biff

    I'm just a few minutes early.

    I wish I could make yours as special as you made mine last year.

    We love you, Sterling. I hope you have a great one, sir.

    Jack and the family

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    is this the only day BP accepts PMs? Congrats BP
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    Yes, Happy Birthday BP. Wishing you many more.

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    Happy Birthday BP...and many more to come!

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    I didn't know you were a January baby too. Wishing you a very Blessed Day and Year to come!!!!!!

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    Happy birthday, BP!

    Ya da man!

    I have NEW BALLS!!!!

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    Have a great Birthday! I'll drink a bottle of water in your honor, that's right water not beer!
    Psycho Ward

    King of Lefthanzia

    "I now pronounce you KING of LEFTHANZIA...its official and no one can take it away..." -BP

    4 Bongos
    4 Sterlings
    2 SR5's
    1 SR4

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    Have a good one BP!

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    Happy Bday Bp !!!!!!!!
    "What if wars could end with songs" The Gypsy Van

    Luke V.Burst 8/9/02 - Luke Black 3/21/06 - Sub 1 Bass Textured Red 12/04/03.. to be continue..

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    happy birthday!!

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    Happy Birthday, BP! Have a good one.
    " jeg lukker et ye og ser halvt....jeg lukker begge og ser alt "

    96 Stingray Translucent Teal/Rosewood/Black pg

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    To the Leader of the Merry Band of Knuckleheads

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !

    Damn you're old


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    Happy B-Day buddy! See you soon!
    Richard James I

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    happy birthday

    flats for the bongo!
    roundwounds for the fretless!

    eb customer support:
    Telephone: +1 866-823-2255

    trussrod adjustment:
    Click here for an image!
    less relief / flatter = lower action
    more relief / bow = higher action
    do NOT use cheap tools to adjust with. they break and scrape up your bass!

    if you have a 100th namm sr4: the truss works the other way around on those!

    i have no affiliation with eb other than i love their basses

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    Wow, it's hard to believe - you're THAT old!!!!! LOL

    You're just a baby (well, maybe a young adult) - your best days are yet to come!!
    Thanks for being here boss.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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