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Thread: SR5 treble pot not working

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    SR5 treble pot not working

    I have a SR5 that had the pleasant experience of a bizarre trailer accident.

    I took it in for repairs... a broken tuning peg and battery compartment. That was a few months ago and recently the treble pot has ZERO effect on tone at all and it sounds like the treble is fully cut.

    I have opened up the bass and everything looks okay but i do admit im not too sure what im looking for.

    any way i can fix this at home and spare the trip to the guitar tech?


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    Please take your bass to a competent repairman or contact Ernie Ball customer service.

    There is no way to tell you what might be wrong without looking at the bass.


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    How "old" is the bass?? If it's out of warranty just do this: it's probably the "pot" itself or maybe some loose wiring when it got banged around.

    Just gently wiggle the wires connecting the pot at "source and destination." If you find one that came de-soldered (well, you know what to do!).

    If all looks well, go to your nearest music store and say, "can you please test this pot for me".

    Easy fix!

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