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Thread: PICTURE GALLERY. Ernie Ball Music Man content only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassmike View Post
    Stingray5 Piezo matching head.

    Attachment 33145
    93 SR 5 H trans teal fretless
    90 SR 5 H trans red fretted* (orig. lined fl)
    07 SR 5 HH Dargie I
    07 SR 5 Hp black fretless, white pg
    08 SR 4 HH BFR Redwood top, mahogany neck
    09 SR 5 H Dargie II, ebony fb
    09 25th Anniversary 5 HSS
    10 Reflex 5 Lamborghini orange burst
    09 Reflex 5 rosewood neck & top
    04 Bongo 5 HHp Sapphire
    14 Bongo 5 HSp Cardinal red sparkle fretless
    17 Bongo 6 HS Starry Night fretless ebony w/roasted neck
    70s EB Earthwood acoustic bass
    72 EB Earthwood acoustic guitar

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    4H Redwood BFR

    Chuffed beyond belief to get my hands on one of these. Great tone. Needed to swap out some of the hardware and the best customer service in the business made sure that happened!

    PICTURE GALLERY. Ernie Ball Music Man content only.-20180514_224840-jpg
    SR H "Redwood" born 8/6/2008
    SR5 HS "Dargie Delight" born 2/28/2007
    SR5 Classic "Vintage White" born 5/17/2010
    SUB5 "Graphite" born 4/1/2005
    SR5 H LF "Black" born 4/1/2003
    SR H "Orange Firemist" born 1/28/2009
    SUB1 H "Graphite" born 1/27/2005
    GK Fusion 550 & Neo 212 II
    GK MB150E & MBX
    GK MB112 II & 112MBP

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    My Cutlass

    Here's my Cutlass. It's one of the best P-basses I've ever tried and, by far, the best one I've ever owned.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails PICTURE GALLERY. Ernie Ball Music Man content only.-23415346_1442311219201510_7235834431496575653_o-jpg  

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