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Thread: What do y'all think of Acoustic?

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    What do y'all think of Acoustic?

    I mean the amps.

    I haven't had much experience with them, and I'm wondering what everybody thinks.

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    Well... a certain Jaco used to swear by them. Not tried one of the newer models but the Acoustic 360 which Jaco used to play were grrRRReat!

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    Yeah.. if memory serves, he used a 360 and a 361.

    And John Paul Jones used one too, but I'm not sure what model.

    I'm thinking this new brand could be a lot different, though.

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    I had one - it was the law - back in the 70s. The big folded horn (or whatever it was called) cabinet, as big as a refrigerator, and the head - can't remember the number on it now. It was loud.

    It also had its own apartment and zip code. It may have had other little bass amps which rotated around it. Possibly an atmosphere.

    I remember living in a second floor apartment and dragging that beeyotch down the stairs. Yikes. No thanks!

    In my experience, amps and cabinets have generally gotten better over the years and I don't get nostalgic about them. (Before you flame me for that, remember - I'm not talking about guitar amps and cabs here, all you vintage Fender amp freaks. I like those, too - for guitar.)

    I'm not nostalgic at all about the size and weight, either - to be sure.

    All in all, I don't want to go back.

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    The 450 was the coolest back in the day, but that was the seventies. Not enough power now, though.

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    I had a 370 head. Pretty good sounding for the era but I wouldn't swap my LMII for one.

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    Guitar Center owns the brand....
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    Yeah, back in the day!!!

    I think they and Chevy had the market on "tuck n roll" interior too!! I think that's why there's always been some mysterious connection between guitars and hot cars (and interiors).

    Just like Ernie Ball Strings and the Big Daddy "ED" Roth genre (at least for me) to some extent.

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    Tuck and roll on acoustic? You are thinking of kustom and vox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Guitar Center owns the brand....
    The new ones are made in China and no where near the same quality of the 70's USA made ones.

    Stingray 5 HH Vintage Tobaccoburst Rosewood Fretboard, Black pickguard, Chrome hardware.

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    They were the cat's meow back in the day. The new ones are good bang for buck amps. Quality is is pretty good. Tone wise-they're good-not great but they don't sound like garbage and definitely not on par with higher end stuff. I personally bought a b20 practice amp and chose it over a Peavey because it just sounded better than its competition. YMMV

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    Quote Originally Posted by 57fenderjazz View Post
    Tuck and roll on acoustic? You are thinking of kustom and vox.
    Yeah, way back in the "early" day, Kustom was certainly a player too. And, I even think Sunn had a series of "car interior" exterior design. One thing for sure, they were very comfortable to sit on while you were playing.

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    I had a 370 back in the late 70s - with a 1 x 18 cab (371 I think) - it was a 1 x 18 reflex and huge BUT had a cut away at the back with huge casters with cut outs in the top for the four rubbers on the base of the amp to sit in - so you could wheel it in to the gig! Coupled with a 79 sunburst Stingray, it was just the job for late 70s/early 80s disco funk.

    I wouldn't swap my Ashdown ABM 500 and 1/15; 2x10 with tweeter + 2007 HH Ray for the 70s set up though - far more versatile! The Acoustic sounded reallly good in the day though - and good in small venues with a smaller 1 x 15 cab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    Guitar Center owns the brand....
    Is that so? I heard that some former empoyees got together and got the whole thing rolling again.

    Here are a few good links:

    WebHome < Acoustic < Wiki - Acoustic wiki and webforum. Pretty much all info there is regarding Acoustic amps are to be found here.

    Acoustic Control Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.

    Acoustic Amplification - The "new" Acoustic website.

    To my knollage there will be american made bigger amps and speakers available ahead. I just love some of those old Acoustic amps. Great stuff.


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    I had two of the 450s, one with a 406 cabinet (front facing folded horn 2 -15s), and the other had a Cerwin Vega single front facing 18. I used the stereo output of a Mutron octave divider to spit the signal. Sounded quite full and I loved the Amps. I still have the life-time warranty card, wonder if it is still any good. :^)
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