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Thread: korg Pandora 4x

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    korg Pandora 4x

    ok i just something really stupid ive always wanted one of the above so i got one off ebay for a good price, but ive just realised that this model is meant for guitar!!!!so quesation is.......is anyone else this dumb?or have you been using it anyway for bass?i had a little go alot of things i think are the same features.Has anyone got the the pxd the newer version??

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    The guitar version works fine for bass (on youtube check out marloweDK, he uses a guitar pandora and his tone is immense (for youtube)) But I think his account has been suspended!
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    thanks zak but no he does'nt

    Recording videos w/ Korg px4D | PlayBassNow.com

    yeah his account was suspended ive had a vid took off cos of licensing issues with background music bummer!!

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    I've got the PX5D and it works for Bass. I was just using it today. It works great, has allot of great practice, and jam features as well. In fact it has some Bass specific settings, and features that come with it. I would recommend it. Ive also used the PX4D with a Bass and it also seemed to work out just fine. I would defiantly recommend either of them to you, their great, and power tools.
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    I've got one (PX4D)
    I use it with the "acoutic" settings;
    No amp, No cab, only a little reverb
    Great sound! I love it
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    I have PX4D, it has just arrived from ebay! Great device for a really great price! Musthave!
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