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Thread: Boo!

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    Hey Gang

    It's been a while! Just having a read through some of the threads and acquainting myself with what's been going on. Seems like ages since we were around!

    It also seems that a lot of people have been through the mill recently, from what I've read on certain threads. Unfortunately we've had a few things going on too which have caused our absence.

    I've been absolutely stacked at work over the last 6 months or so. Overuse of the computer at work means the tendonitis in my right arm has flared up and I can't play bass.

    We also suffered a bereavement a month ago - Trev's mum died very unexpectedly after a short and painful battle with pancreatic cancer and neither of us have taken it very well. He was there when she passed and I didn't have the best of relationships with her - so both of us have different reasons for guilt. Even if I was physically able to play, both mojos are gone, so to speak.

    However yesterday Trev picked up his guitar for one of the first times this year (as she fell ill in January) and I think it's coming back to him. We've both been on the forums today looking at pictures and hopefully making plans for the UK Bash in June - although we don't feel like we deserve to go. My bass is going to get a thorough Wonder-Wiping tomorrow and a new set of strings. We'll see where it leads.

    I hope everyone here is keeping well and that I'll be back to nag regularly
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    Welcome back!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Please give my best to Trev.
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    You must go to the bash....I insist!
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    Music and comraderie will help you thru. Do what Big Poppa says!

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    What is this "don't deserve to go" stuff????????? You are one of the family and DO DESERVER to be there. Pappa knows best
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    Good to see you.

    what's this nonsense about not going to the bash?

    psh. I WISH I could go to the UK bash. I'd probably bring my guitarist friend too. He's a fender freak.. what better way to convert him?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    You must go to the bash....I insist!
    Listen to The Man.

    The Man is right.

    It's an important part of healing.

    All the best! We've missed you and it's great to have you back.


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    Big old positive vibes comin' your way Azzy, I wish I could do more. Time will fix it all.
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    nice to see you back, sorry about the loss, but get playing and get to the UK bash! I wish i could go, but it clashes with my favourite music festy
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    There's a Bash in your country. You have no choice but to go!

    PS. sorry to hear about your bereavement

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    Sorry to hear about Trev's mum, Azzy.

    Like everyone else said, "Go to the Bash."

    All the best,


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    Hey Arianne

    Sorry to hear about Trevs mom, and about your arm, but I'm confident you two will bounce right back, being young and all

    Why not come to sweden, you know you have a place to stay, and yes you must of course come to the bash!

    hugs and stuff

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    best wishes to you both, keep your chins up guys!!

    See you at the BASH!!
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    Soryy to hear about your losses, and a hope you have a speedy recovery! There is not a reason in the world you don't deserve to do anything, so get that out of your head right now. The way I see it, when life throws you a bunch of lemons, make some lemonade! Get back into the swing of things and put your guilt and feelings behind you, its the only way to heal, besides going to the bash!

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    Azzy and Trev!!!

    So sorry to hear of Trev's mum and your arm -- life throws us some curveballs from time to time. Wishing both of you mojo to the max! Welcome back to the forum, we missed you!!!

    carpe diem

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