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Thread: Two hidden pickup combinations in the SR5HH

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    Two hidden pickup combinations in the SR5HH

    Hello all,

    I stumbled upon something last night that I haven't seen covered here before.

    The five way switch in my dual humbucker 2006 Stingray 5 with ceramic pickups actually provides *seven* possible tones. The two extra are at the end of the switch ranges (ie. by positions one and five). For example, between positions 1 and 2 there is another setting that activates the two coils of the bridge pickup as well as the outer coil of the neck pickup. I suspect this is a parallel combination as it is lower in volume than the bridge pickup alone. It is a full sound with lots of punch and I like it. The setting between positions 4 and 5 is less useful to me due to the lower volume. It uses the two coils of the neck pickup with the inner coil of the bridge pickup. I found this accidentally when I seated the switch cover further into its metal shaft. This prevented position 1 from engaging but enabled position 1.5 so to speak. I suspect others with five position switch HH models may find similar behavior.

    Let me know if your bass does it too.

    Happy tone huntin',

    P.S. If others find the same phenomena with their basses, I wonder if this *might* explain the differing reports of volume changes when going between pickup combinations. I found when I fully "seated" the switch cover, I have the following settings available: 1.5,2,3,4,5 - All of which are pretty close in volume. However, when I engage setting 1 by lifting the switch cover, the volume increases.
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    Im gonna check my 5 HH when I get home this morning, Great Find!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbass62 View Post
    Im gonna check my 5 HH when I get home this morning, Great Find!
    Thanks for your reply

    I'm surprised with the number of hits on this thread that nobody's reported back. I'd like to know if others have the same situation.


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    Pretty cool! I can get the 1.5 position, which makes it essentially it an HS configuration. The 4.5 does nothing. Thanks for the heads up. Guys with old strats ought to try this!
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    I mentioned the hidden combinations in my HS Sterling a couple years ago without much response. I think the extra sounds are rad and have always wondered if they were meant to be there or not. Glad to see i'm not the only one.
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    It would be really cool to get the as an upgreade for our beloved HH and HS instruments. Really! Tremendously!
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    Well. Thats pretty much what guitarists discovered decades ago on the old Fender Strats with the 3 way switch.

    And Oli is right. With that gamechanger thingy there will be no stoping. I'll keep my fingers crossed...
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