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Thread: an interview from snamm 2009

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    Thumbs up an interview from snamm 2009

    hehe.. either they have cut the material to make it look like the interviewer never got to say a word, or you really owned that lil session bp

    Summer NAMM 2009 - Nashville, Tennessee - July 17 - 19 |

    browse down and find music man..

    it got some guitar 25th action and then some dd2 big al action
    we even get a glimpse of dudley too... hehe

    edit: its not dudley, its dan.. my apologies for that mistake... /off to google dan and dudley to not do that again

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    Good stuff here! Makes me want my 25th even more!
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    thats dan mc pherson
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    Green basses don't sell and yet another Dargie! Any hope a green sparkle will make a return? It would be like the best non-selling combo!

    Good interview!

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    Great interview, made me laugh, love the DD2 Big Al, a demo would have been nice

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